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Boy, 9, Who Flew On Airline Without Ticket, Separated From Parents

Thu, October 17, 2013 9:41am EDT by Kristine Kowalski 3 Comments
Boy 9 Who Flew To Vegas
Thinkstockphotos, Courtesy Of Delta

A judge ruled that the 9-year-old boy who managed to pass through airport security and board a plane to Las Vegas unaccompanied is to be separated from his parents as all three participate in therapy sessions.

A 9-year-old boy from Minneapolis, Minn., came to national attention when he became a stowaway on an Oct. 3 Delta flight to Las Vegas. On Oct. 16, a Hennepin County judge ruled that the boy is to temporarily live away from his parents while the family undergoes therapy.

Boy, 9, Who Flew To Vegas Without Ticket, Separated From Parents

A hearing was held on Oct. 16 “on a petition from Hennepin County seeking protection or county services for the boy,” reported CBS News.

The 9-year-old has a history of running away, and has gotten himself into trouble more than once in the past — including multiple suspensions from school and an incident where he stole a truck. These details came to light after he came to public attention after sneaking onto a Vegas-bound flight, and were part of the county’s petition.

The judge ruled that the boy and his parents will all receive therapy, but the boy should live away from the parents during his treatment.

The boy’s parents have struggled to keep their son disciplined, but his dad said it was never for lack of trying. “I’m a parent; I’m not perfect,” the boy’s father said during an emotional press conference after the incident. “We assumed that he was at a friend’s house,” at the time.

Judge Rules For Family Therapy Sessions

The boy’s father expressed his heartache about not knowing how to discipline his “challenging” young son. “If I whoop my son, I get locked up,” he said at the press conference. “If I let my son keep on doing what he’s doing, I get in trouble. Somebody please help me. Please.”

The therapy sessions will reportedly be designed to help the child and also help his parents learn how to

What do YOU think, HollyMoms? Do you think the judge made the right decision?

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— Kristine Hope Kowalski

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