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Woman Gives Birth On Lawn After Health Clinic Refuses Treatment

Thu, October 10, 2013 11:49am EDT by 5 Comments
Woman Gives Birth On Lawn
Courtesy of La Razon de Mexico

How awful! A pregnant woman was refused treatment at an Oaxaca, Mexico health clinic on Oct. 2. After she was turned away by nurses, she was forced to deliver the baby herself — outside on the clinic’s lawn. A horrible photo captures the mom’s pain as she suffered through this experience.

Irma Lopez, 29, was turned away from a health clinic by nurses who claimed that she was only 8 months pregnant and not ready to give birth, even though she was reportedly fully dilated. After hours of waiting and demanding help, the woman went outside of the clinic and was forced to give birth outside on the grass. In a disturbing photo captured by a passerby, the woman is crouched on the lawn with her baby, whose umbilical cord was still attached.

Woman Gives Birth On Lawn After Oaxaca Health Clinic Refuses Treatment

Irma and her husband are indigenous Mazatecs and do not speak Spanish — so they did not understand much of what the nurses were telling them beyond no. As her husband pleaded with doctors to help his wife, Irma went outside and delivered the baby on her own.

“I didn’t want to deliver like this. It was so ugly and with so much pain,” Irma said of her experience. The mother delivered her third child, a son named Salvador who was healthy despite the horrible birthing experience. The name means ‘savior,’ and Irma said that “he saved himself,” reported The Daily Mail.

Nurses later blamed the language barrier for miscommunication surrounding the experience. They also said that they did not have enough hospital staff available to treat Irma, reported The Daily Mail.

She was taken in by the clinic only after giving birth, and was reportedly discharged later the same day.

Doctor Suspended Following Treatment Refusal

The clinic’s director, Dr. Adrian Cruz, was suspended from the clinic while officials investigate Irma’s experience.

Irma’s case points to a larger issue within the Oaxaca community. Almost one in five women in the state of Oaxaca gave birth in a place that is not a hospital or a clinic in 2011, according to Mexico’s census.

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