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Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie: Fourth Album Is A Confessional

Tue, October 8, 2013 7:00am EDT by Emily Longeretta 2 Comments
Panic! At The Disco
Courtesy of Fueled by Ramen

‘Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die’ is Panic! At the Disco’s fourth album, and lead vocalist Brendon Urie just hopes people will be inspired, excited, and of course, want to dance. The record is available on Oct. 8 and exclusively spoke with Brendon to get a sneak peek of what to expect.

Brendon Urie, 26 has been part of Panic! At the Disco for nearly ten years, and now he’s revealing his pre-concert rituals, what it’s like hanging out with Fall Out Boy and just how it feels to be compared to other boy bands like One Direction.

Brendon Urie: ‘Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!’ Is A Confessional What song on the album meant the most to you?
Brendon Urie: Every song on this album is very personal, very — this is different from others; this record is a confessional. It’s tough being that honest. We’re proud of it.

HL: What is the main theme of this?
BU: It’s a party and dance record — I wanted to celebrate everything we were fortunate enough to be a part of. I wanted people to be excited and dance!

HL: Is there a song on the album that’s your favorite?
BU: That’s hard! “This Is Gospel,” i was really pushing for to be a single. “Miss Jackson” so far, is doing really well. I don’t know which is a favorite for me though! Every song on this record, I’m just so proud of! It’s hard to pick your favorite kid and put them out and say here’s the best. “Nicotine” is one I love too.

HL: You’ve worked with a lot of great people, and are heading on tour to Europe soon. Tell me about that!
BU: In November, we’re going with New Politics to Europe and UK, and they’re an amazing band. We’ve worked with so many talented people, able people who make a good record. But the biggest thing that gets overlooked is how well you get along with people — you have to be able to open up. You need to be able to be yourself and open up. Being away from my wife sucks, but the thing that does make it better is having friends on tour. Fall Out Boy and 21 Pilots are both awesome. They’re amazing, and the nicest, most down-to-Earth guys. It’s really cool it works out that way. It’s a genuine friendship. My other favorite people to work with are Butch Walker and Jake Sinclair.

HL: Do you have any pre-show rituals?
BU: I usually like to get my self worked up by listening to a ’80s anthem, like “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” or a ’90s a jam like “Everybody Dance Now.” One thing that we always have to do before every show is something my band manager has to initiate. We have to give each other high fives before. If we don’t it ruins the show — literally we’ll have a bad performance if we don’t. So, that’s the one big ritual.

HL: Who would you love to work with?
BU: I love all the genres, but I’d really love to work with some hip-hop artists! I’m really into A$AP Rocky. It’s the coolest record production wise, lyrically — everything about it is so f–king cool — every song! I love Kid Cudi‘s records too. I think it’s an exciting time for hip hop and rock. People are really breaking the rules. I love Florence & the Machine. I’m up for anything!

HL: You’re technically a boy band,  but that’s strange to say, yeah?
I think to be compared to boy bands is kind of funny, but I never take offense to people’s labels! It’s tough to compare us to One Direction! They’re all younger dudes! I’m 26, I’m over the hump! I’m mid-20s, I’m married. They could be in J-14 and be heart-throbs. It’s a different world. That’s kind of the way that it happens. When we were younger, we kinda had a boy band moment — we were cheeky and cute!

You can pick up “Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die” in stores or buy it on iTunes on October 8. Head to their website for more details!

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— Emily Longeretta