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Elizabeth Smart Reveals: Kidnapper Made Me His Sex Slave

Tue, October 8, 2013 7:34am EDT by 2 Comments
Elizabeth Smart Meredith Vieira
Courtesy of NBC

Elizabeth lived through a truly horrifying kidnapping at just 14-years-old. 11 years later, she’s now speaking out about how she was ‘broken beyond repair’ after she was made to do unthinkable acts while under her kidnapper’s control.

Elizabeth Smart , who was kidnapped from her Utah home in 2002, opened up during an interview on NBC about her harrowing kidnapping — and how her captor, Brian David Mitchell, made Elizabeth his sex slave until her miraculous 2003 rescue.

Elizabeth Smart Was Brian David Mitchell’s Sex Slave

Looking back on her brutal kidnapping, Elizabeth, now 25, opened up to Meredith Vieira in an NBC interview about how she was treated by Brian and his wife, Wanda Barzee. She was named their “handmaiden,” so she could be Brian’s sexual object and Wanda’s slave.  

She was also coerced into having a wedding ceremony with Brian. At just 14 years old, Elizabeth was terrified and felt ‘shattered’ after these sickening sexual acts were done to her.

“I remember him forcing me onto the ground and fighting the whole way. And then when he was finished, he stood up and I was left alone feeling absolutely broken, absolutely shattered. I was broken beyond repair.”

She was further abused by being bound to trees with a steel cable during the day at their camp in the mountains near Salt Lake City.

After being found in Utah in 2003, Elizabeth is finishing a music degree at Brigham Young University and wed Matthew Gilmour in 2012, also a Mormon. As harrowing as her kidnapping was, she hasn’t let it stop her from living a normal life — and revealed her healing process. She wrote her memoirs, My Story, to courageously aid and inspire others.

Elizabeth Smart Writes ‘My Story’

Elizabeth wrote her memoir, My Story, in attempts to help others. “I want people to know that I’m happy in my life right now,” Elizabeth told The Associated Press. “I also, even more so, want to reach out to people who might not be in a good situation. Maybe they’re in a situation that was similar to the one that I was in.”

In her memoir, she writes that over the 9-month span of her kidnapping, “Brian David Mitchell would rape me every day, sometimes multiple times a day, he would torture and brutalize me in ways that are impossible to imagine, starve and manipulate me, like I was an animal.”

Elizabeth was found in March of 2003 in Utah by policemen as the trio were walking along a street.

Ridding her kidnapper from her life was certainly one of the most difficult things she could ever do, but with the help and support of her family, she moved forward in her life. Brian David Mitchell was sentenced to life in prison on May 25, 2011.

Elizabeth’s story is truly inspiring, and we’re so glad she refused to let her captors control her life.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Will you read Elizabeth’s book? Let us know!

WATCH: Elizabeth Smart’s Interview With Meredith Vieira

— Ivy Jacobson

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