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Donatella Versace: 5 Things To Know About Her Lifetime Movie

Sun, October 6, 2013 11:56am EDT by 3 Comments
Donatella Versace Movie
Courtesy of Lifetime

Versace, Versace, Versace! ‘House of Versace,’ the wild biopic on the fashion icon’s life, premiered on Oct. 4, and we’ve got everything you need to know before you jump into the glitzy, drama-filled flick.

Lifetime, god bless them, is at it again with yet another “Based on a True Story” TV movie, and they might have picked their best, most sensational main character yet — Donatella Versace. With House of Versace hitting airwaves on Oct. 4, here’s why you should be racing to your DVR or hoping for a rerun.

‘House Of Versace’: What You Need To Know

1. Gina Gershon IS Donatella

It’s really pretty amazing. 51-year-old actress, Gina Gershon plays Donatella perfectly — the down-turned mouth, the massive ego, the bossiness, it’s all there. Most Lifetime movies have a tendency to be absolutely ridiculous, and while House of Versace is certainly a little wild, Gina’s transformative performance elevates the made-for-TV flick. It’s a can’t-miss.

2. House Of Versace Never Lets Up

Like we said, the movie gets a little wild. Between Donatella having to deal with the brutal murder of her brother, Gianni, and checking into rehab after some rough drug abuse, there is never a dull moment here.

3. But Is It A True Story?

House of Versace may fudge the details just a tad. On Oct. 3, just before the movie premiered, a rep for Versace said, “Versace has neither authorized nor had any involvement whatsoever in the forthcoming TV movie about Mrs. Versace… the movie should only be seen as a work of fiction,” in a statement to WWD. But does it even matter? Most times we need the truth to get spiced up to make a good movie.

4. The Fashion

Obviously a movie about Versace isn’t complete without a spotlight on what put the Italian fashion house on the map — high-end designer gowns. Gina rocks some amazing looks as Donatella, and the movie also touches on some of Versace’s famous clients, such as Princess Diana.

5. “Did I Stutter?”

House of Versace may be the most quotable movie of 2013. Our personal favorites: “If you’re going to put me on a leash, it better be diamond-studded or you can kiss my ass,” and “If I hadn’t quit school to come to help you, you would be Gianni Versace, the best-dressed costumer at the opera house in Reggio Calabria!”

This movie is nearly perfect, so rush to your DVR now, find out when it’s next on TV, and hit record!

WATCH: ‘House Of Versace’ Trailer

— Andrew Gruttadaro

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