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Tiffany Houghton: I Appreciate Miley Cyrus Being True To Who She Is

Tue, October 1, 2013 12:00pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 2 Comments
Tiffany Houghton
Courtesy of Instagram

Tiffany Houghton may be young, but her music video for ‘High’ has already reached over a million views on YouTube. Currently on a press tour, then touring high schools to perform and inspire people the same way she was, Tiffany stopped by the offices to spill her celebrity crush, her collaboration dreams, and to put on one heck of a performance!

Tiffany Houghton is not only a pretty face. The singer’s popularity grew after many epic YouTube videos, and now has put out her own music, a hit song “High,” and is using her new fame to inspire others.

Tiffany Houghton: How Kristen Chenoweth Changed Me

So tell me about Kristen Chenoweth!
Kristen Chenoweth came to my school. I live in NY when I was in elementary school. I did some Broadway, did some TV shows, anyway I went and saw Wicked at that time and she was the first as Glenda in Wicked. So ever since then, I had really looked up to her and she came to my high school and talked to us just about what it’s like to be an artist. And when you’re an artist it’s something that your art flows through you and its not something that you run out of or that you ever stop, you really can quit doing if you’re a true artist and a lot of the things that he said to me just hit a piece of my heart that just lit a fire, and I ended up graduating High School early and moving out to Nashville to figure out my songwriting and my voice in that. And then, I wrote a ton for two and a half, three years, and now I think it’s time to really do my artist thing and go to LA and I feel really strongly about that now.

That’s incredible. So now you’re traveling all over.
Now I’m in LA. Right now I’m traveling a lot. I’m even going to be traveling even more throughout the rest of this year, because I’m going on the high school tour, which I’m super excited about.

And you’re family is supportive of it all?
They are, they’ve always been big cheerleaders. They know nothing about the music industry. Everybody’s really musical, but you know my dad will send an email after we tell him about some cool press that we’ve gotten and he’s like ‘that’s just the way y’all roll!’ He says the dumbest things. It’s so cute, he has no clue what he’s talking about, but he is such a little cheerleader. We love him!

‘High’ — The Thoughts Behind The Hit Video

Your song is about young love and it’s doing amazing — is it based on a real relationship?
Yeah it was, I’m dramatic, I’m a hopeless romantic like all of the above. I usually write things probably even more in depth than I know how to feel them, but at the time I just started dating this guy and I was on the phone with my best friend and you know, no filters there, so I’m talking to her and I’m like ‘well, like I don’t know why they call it falling ’cause I feel so high,’ something like that. And um, I was like, ‘oh my gosh, ok I’ve gotta hang up the phone, like hold on, I gotta go.’ So I like sit down on my kitchen floor and I’m like writing out all these lyrics. So then the next day I went to my friend’s studio, and we just laid down a track and started with some straps and that little lick. And then it really just flowed super naturally, it was super fun to write.

The video so fun! It must have been a blast to film.
Over the top, cheesy happy, falling in love. Like, way — it was so much fun. I was like, you know we’re either going to do this or not so we went all that.

You grew to fame on YouTube. We’ve been raving about your mashup of Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.
It actually happened by accident, because I was playing this song, and I love that song that Wrecking Ball, it’s freakin’ awesome. And I’m playin’ the song on my guitar because I wanted to learn how to play it, and I just start singing ‘I knew you were’ — and I was like, ‘Wait, what the heck?! This is like the same song!’ and so, I mean I guess it just fit kinda in that bridge area and I didn’t change it, so.

Which would you want to collaborate with more?
That depends. Umm, I feel like something — I’m really excited about Miley’s new album. And Miley and I are SUPER different, we’re just very different people. And I’m doing my thing which is awesome, and she’s doing her thing which is awesome,  and we’re both being true to who we are but it would seriously be kinda cool to do something with her, just because it’d be SO, it’d be so different. I’m such a fan of I mean, at least her two recent songs. Her and Dr. Luke have an incredible album coming out in October, so I’m excited to see how that goes.

WATCH: Tiffany Houghton ‘High’ Live Acoustic Performance

As fame grows, will it affect your personal life? Are you nervous?
I think that that’s — you know, I think when you pick up one end of the stick the other one comes up too. I think as long as i”m being honest and true to who I am, it;s going to affect my personal life. because a lot of my art is reflective of my personal life. and so you know i think that’s just something that I’ve accepted and — pick your battles. And i think that when the right person comes around, it won’t matter.

Alright, we’ve got to know — who are your celebrity crushes:
Today? Gosh, I mean I’ll always love Channing Tatum, I mean he won my heart. But the thing is, it’s like Ryan Gosling — wait — yeah, Ryan Gosling stole my heart with The Notebook. I’m a FAN of Austin Mahone, I don’t want to say celebrity crush because I don’t want to like jinx or make anything weird, but you know, I’m a fan of his, I think he’s great. I would love to do something with him.

Who’s your top choice to collaborate with:
Top person — I really like Fun. and I really like Nate Ruess from Fun. I like other things that he’s written outside of the band. I’m a fan of his work and of just he, himself.

So you like pop music best?
I grew up listening to what was on the radio. I literally used to not sleep because I was thinking about Nick Jonas all night as a little kid! It was insane. I love the Jonas Brothers. I used to like put up the finger and sing Mariah Carey. I love Katy Perry, she’s amazing. You know, I’m from Dallas, TX, I’m from the south. Obviously, there’s definitely country influence there and I love Shania Twain, I’d be lying if I didn’t say, but ya know — who doesn’t wanna feel like a woman? Right? But yeah, I’d say I’m more pop.

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?
Honestly — ok hold on, I’ve been to a lot! I really liked Justin Bieber‘s concert that I went to this past Believe tour. I mean honestly, the thing for me, it’s not just the performance, it’s like seeing — I love looking out into the audience and seeing the reaction and seeing how people are feeling and like, you feel the connection, it’s a literal feeling that you can feel. I mean, I’ve never seen something like that.

Would you want to work with him?
Absolutely, he’s incredible.

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— Emily Longeretta