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Amanda Knox: I Want Meredith Kercher’s Parents To Forgive Me

Fri, September 20, 2013 11:56am EDT by 13 Comments
Amanda Knox Today Interview
Courtesy of NBC/Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Amanda talked exclusively with Matt Lauer on the ‘Today’ show on Friday morning, Sept. 20, surprisingly revealing that she’d like to form a relationship with her slain roommate’s parents, despite their reservations. Watch the interview below!

Amanda Knox, 26, sat down with Matt Lauer, 55, on Today on Sept. 20 just days before her retrial for the 2007 murder of her roommate Meredith Kercher, 21, revealing she’d still like to “approach” Meredith’s parents when the time is right.

Amanda Knox On ‘Today’: Meredith Kercher’s Parents Will Realize I’m Innocent

Amanda told the Today Show host that with time Meredith’s parents will realize she’s innocent of their daughter’s 2007 murder in Perugia, Italy  — insisting Rudy Guede , 26, is guilty for her death. “It’s so hard to be logical about this when you’ve lost someone so close and important,” she tearfully told Matt. But she insisted the future will be much brighter between them.

Amanda understands the Kerchers refusal to see her innocence, but maintained that one day she’ll be able to approach them — even telling Matt she ranks herself a ‘9’ on scale of 1-to-10 she’ll be proven innocent again.

Amanda told Matt, “At this point Meredith is a part of my life. She’ll always be there. I want to be there and share that with them.”

A relationship with the Kercher parents seems unlikely, but the Washington University student feels confident that they will some day bond over the memory of Meredith. Despite their tragic connection, Amanda doesn’t ever want to be separated from the still-grieving parents.

Amanda Knox Won’t Return To Italy — Thinks It’s A Sign of Innocence

Don’t expect Amanda to go back to Italy for her retrial later this month. Amanda is confident the Italian justice system will again be in her favor as she refuses to return to Italy — where she was sentenced to four years in prison in 2007 before her October 3, 2011 release. Amanda also lists financial setbacks and class obligations as reasons for not attending. She won’t even be watching the trial on television.

Instead, Amanda will be in constant contact with her lawyers. She told Matt her legal team has agreed to call her during every break updating her on the trial. Unlike her previous trial, Amanda will not be able to talk to her lawyers face-to-face making suggestions about the trial.

Matt asked Amanda if she thought this was a sign of guilt — implying her absence will only play against her. But Amanda asserted that her absence is only a sign of her innocence. She insisted she does not  want to relive her four years in an Italian jail cell — telling Matt she has struggled with post traumatic stress disorder and panic attacks since her fall 2011 release.

Amanda’s upcoming retrial will take place in Florence, Italy on September 30.

What do YOU think Hollywood Lifers? Will Amanda be proven innocent again? Sound off!

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