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‘Survivor’ Season 27: Contests Go Against Loved Ones In Philippines

Thu, September 19, 2013 10:19am EDT by 3 Comments
Survivor Season 27
Courtesy of CBS

In the 27th (!!!) season of ‘Survivor,’ contestants have a new, unique challenge: going against their loved ones in order to win.

After the 4th season of the 13-year-old hit show Survivor, tribes stopped being divided into simply two teams of eight. It then went off into tangents of age, gender, returning contestants, and more. However, the competition has never been returning contestants going against their loved ones! Looks like family rivalries and relationships are about to get heated in the Philippines!

Survivor, Blood vs. Water: Season 27

It’s crazy to think that Survivor has been on for 27 seasons, but when you think about, there will always be people up for the challenge of venturing to a deserted global location with strangers to win a million dollars! However, it’s not strangers anymore on this season of Survivor, set in several islands in the Philippines, mainly Palaui. Now, former contestants are battling their loved ones for a chance to be the sole survivor in the series, appropriately titled “Survivor: Blood vs. Water.” The claws are out and the marriage licenses are stowed away!

Jeff Probst, 51, host of the show since its inception in 2000, tweeted during the premiere, “#survivor blood vs water is off to a great start and the rivalries are setting in early.”

So what are the craziest match-ups we saw on the Sept. 18th premiere?

Survivor, Season 27

It’s not just romantic couples on Survivor! There are also two brothers, Aras Baskauskas and Vytas Baskauskas. We have uncle Gervase Peterson with his niece Marissa Peterson, and two mother-daughter teams: Laura Morett and Ciera Morett Eastin, and Tina Wesson and Katie Collins.

One married returning contestant is up against a bit of a struggle, though — Monica Culpepper‘s husband Brad Culpepper is a former NFL player!

Imagine going to a deserted island with a family member or significant other for the show and know that they are plotting against you based on your weakest attributes they’ve known about forever — could you do it, HollywoodLifers? Sound off!

WATCH: ‘Survivor’ Blood vs. Water — Meet Tina & Katie

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— Ivy Jacobson

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