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One Direction Fan Kills Dog After Band Ignores Her Tweets — Report

Fri, September 13, 2013 5:45pm EDT by 39 Comments
One Direction Dog Threat
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So tragic and senseless. An obsessed One Direction fan tweeted a picture of her dead chihuahua in an effort to get the band to follow her back.

One Direction fans are experiencing exploding Twitter feeds — but not for good reasons. 1D fans were left disturbed by a crazed fan asking for a follow back on Aug. 29, saying she would kill her dog if they didn’t. The user posted a photo of her strangling a dog and a few days later showed the pooch again, with its eyes closed — presumably dead.

Crazed Directioner Takes It Too Far By Killing Her Dog

Twitter user @illumivato — whose counted has since been deactivated — tweeted One Direction members threatening to kill her pet Chihuahua by saying, “Follow me on Twitter or I’ll break my dog’s neck.”  The tweet — with a photo of the user pinning her dog against the floor with her hands around its neck — went unnoticed. After no response, the unidentified fan later tweeted Liam Payne, 20, a photo with the dog dead in her arms with the caption reading, “I love you. Follow me. My dog has just died.”

It’s not the first time the crazed fan has tweeted the English boy band with violent images.  Last August, the user tweeted Zayne Malik, 20, to follow her back along  with photos of small pets in blenders, her mother in a choke hold and a child tied and bound on the ground. Unlike the most recent image, there were no “follow-up” photos.

How terrible — one could take into the tweet getting no response, since it’s sick and cruel — or the band just didn’t see it, because they get millions of tweets from fans per day.

Directioners Take Action Against Dog’s Death

The tweet has created buzz amongst Directioners on Twitter. Fan Mya Fhya has created a petition asking fans to “lock up” the controversial tweeter saying, “This person needs to burn in hell and I want to see justice.” It’s already reached over 3,000 signatures.

But Twitter remains divided. Since it’s not her first time creating a twitter rumble, the photos could be a twisted joke — or perhaps it really is the cruel, sick fate of the poor dog.

The band has yet to comment on the Twitter fiasco.

What about YOU, HollywoodLifers? Do you think this is a Twitter hoax, or did a Directioner actually take it too far? Let us know!

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— Danielle Noriega 

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