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Ed Sheeran Explains Taylor Swift’s Harry Styles VMAs F-Bomb

Tue, September 3, 2013 2:39pm EDT by 13 Comments
Taylor Swift F-Bomb

Taylor Swift’s friends definitely have her back. She might not have had the kindest words for Harry Styles in her speech at the MTV Video Music Awards, but that isn’t stopping others from coming to her defense over what she was caught on camera saying to Selena Gomez that night.

Everyone knows that Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are BFFs, but Ed has proved it even further by coming to Taylor’s defense when she was caught mouthing the phrase “Shut the f**k up” to other bestie Selena Gomez at the MTV VMAs. At a meet and greet in Portland, Ore., Ed shed a new light on the F-bomb in question.

Ed Sheeran Sticks Up For Taylor Swift

Ed explained that Taylor cursed because Selena told her that Miley Cyrus was bound to win the award for Best Pop Video, which One Direction presented. Selena and Miley were both nominated for the award, but Selena ended up winning. So according to Ed, Taylor was actually supporting Selena by telling her to — ahem — be quiet.

He also said that Taylor came up to him after and said, “I think I messed up,” knowing that she had been seen saying the phrase on camera.

Many people thought that Taylor said it because her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles was onstage with his bandmates and had general dislike for them as a whole, venting to Selena.

Taylor Swift F-Bomb Controversy

So, we can deduce this T-Swift F-Bomb uproar detective-style. By Ed saying that she did say “Shut the f**k up” confirms that she didn’t say “Sorry for my arm,” like many fans believe. Or we could play this Clue-style and say that it was Taylor Swift, at Barclay’s Center, with support for Selena — but not so much Miley! Oops.

All we know is that eyes (and cameras) will definitely be on Taylor and Selena the next time the sassy and sweet duo sit together at a televised event!

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Do you believe that Taylor was really talking to Selena about Miley like Ed said?

WATCH: Ed Sheeran At Portland Meet And Greet

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— Ivy Jacobson

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