‘Sister Wives’ Recap: Four Brown Wives Admit They’re Still Jealous Of Each Other

Janelle gets teary-eyed talking about her weight struggles, Kody hates his daughter's revealing clothing, and the Brown boys say they're into polygamy! Read on to find out more as the Browns revealed all kinds of details in this special episode of 'Sister Wives'! In the latest episode of TLC’s Sister Wives, Kody Brown, his wives Meri, 42, Janelle, 44, Christine, 41, and Robyn, and their kids field questions from curious viewers about their unique lifestyle. Read on for the answers to all of your questions about polygamy!

Sister Wives Polygamy Questions Answered
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‘Sister Wives’: ‘Polygamy Questions Answered’ Recap

The sister wives and their many children gathered at Meri’s house ready and eager to answer their fans’ questions. Kody sat in the middle of his family and dished out questions about everything from the way he dresses to Janelle’s weight struggle.

The first set of questions went out to the kids. They all seemed to have different answers for which mom is the strictest, but they agreed that Janelle is by far the most easy-going mom. When asked if they would want more brothers and sisters, the girls seemed to be in favor of having a fuller household, while the boys were disgusted by the idea. But hey, now that some of the teens are moving away to college, there may be room for a few more Browns!

‘Sister Wives’: Teens Make Fun Of Kody Brown’s Hipster “Girl” Look

The next set of questions was directed to the teenagers, who were asked how conservative they think their clothing should be. The teenage girls constantly try to get away with showing a little bit of skin, but Kody says he doesn’t approve of revealing clothing. He believes this sends a huge message to boys, and not a good one! But the teens aren’t the only ones who are putting their bodies on display —  the kids dissed Kody for his wardrobe staple — tight jeans! The teens revealed that Kody’s hipster style is one of the most embarrassing things about him.

“No, not hipster, that’s not the right word,” Robyn chimes in. “Kind of like a girl! Your pants are too tight,” she says to Kody.

“I have buns of steel!” Kody fires back. Well, even if Kody’s got it, that doesn’t necessarily mean he should flaunt it!

The teens also aren’t fans of Kody’s long hair — they think he should get a buzz cut.  Poor Kody. He may not be the most stylish guy, but we have to give him props for having his own style  — even if it’s a little embarrassing for his kids.

‘Sister Wives’: How They Handle Jealousy

Kody and the sister wives were asked a deeper set of questions, about topics ranging from from Janelle’s weight issues to jealousy problems.

Though they all love their fellow sister wives, Meri, Janelle, Robyn and Christine confessed that they still struggle with jealousy over sharing a husband. Luckily, the women know how to fight through it.

“You have to go inward,” Christine reflects. “Think, ‘I’m an incredible person and I don’t compete with you ladies because I know who I am.'”

Janelle adds that she embraces her own talents and that it’s important to realize your potential and be your own person. The women all agree that the thing that makes their jealousy worse is Kody getting mad about it. Polygamy may be all Kody knows, but he should definitely be more understanding when he comes to jealousy among the sister wives — it’s pretty natural for most people to want their significant others all to themselves. But it seems like the sister wives have it all figured out. As long as the ladies stick together and remain friends — which we give them a ton of credit for — their marriage will remain a strong one.

The most inspirational answer of the episode came from Janelle, who opened up about her weight problem and how she works hard every day to overcome it. Christine pointed out that Janelle serves as an inspiration to many women who are trying to lose weight, which made Janelle tear up and emotionally dish that the key to losing weight is to start slow, drink lots of water, and to just move. We have to hand it to Janelle for being so vulnerable and open about her weight issues!

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