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Avan Jogia: ‘Twisted’ Summer Finale Brings Danny Back To ‘Ground Zero’

Tue, August 27, 2013 12:45pm EDT by Andy Swift 12 Comments
Twisted Summer Finale
Courtesy of ABC Family

Avan tells that Danny will uncover some major surprises — but will he find out who killed Regina?

Danny’s got some major damage control to do now that his naughty video with Lacey (Kylie Bunbury) has been leaked — and Avan Jogia says that’s mostly what the Aug. 27 summer finale of Twisted is all about. “The biggest repercussion will come from Jo seeing the video,” Avan tells, adding that the video is “kind of screwing with his plan.”

“His plan has always been to get the three [friends] back together,” Avan explains. “But he compromised that by becoming physical with Lacey. … There will be a little of him trying to backpedal and solve that — but can he solve that? That’s what we’ll find out.”

Who Killed Regina?

Speaking of finding things out, Avan says we’ll definitely get answers to some of the questions we’ve been asking all season — but as faithful ABC Family viewers know, this doesn’t mean anything will be resolved indefinitely.

“Anytime you answer a question, there are more questions,” Avan says. “That’s what a show like this relies on. You answer a question, and that answer gives us a slew of more questions.”

So even though we probably won’t find out who really killed Regina, Avan says we can still expect to have our minds blown at least once during the show’s final hour of the summer.

“There’s an incredibly surprising moment with a character that I didn’t see coming at all,” Avan admits. “Not at all. That’ll be interesting for fans to see, and I can’t wait to see people’s reactions.”

Why Do Ladies Love Danny?

The whole “who killed Regina” mystery aside, why are all these girls so obsessed with Danny? He is, after all, a confirmed murderer, right? Well, Avan has a theory about that:

I think there’s a level of danger with Danny. He’s also very secure in himself for a 16-year-old kid, which you don’t normally see in people at that age. There’s a level of maturity with him that’s very attractive. But mostly, he’s kind of a dangerous character, and also charismatic. Those two things keep him interesting.

My theory: It’s the hair.

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HollywoodLifers, what do you think will happen on the Twisted summer finale? Any idea who killed Regina? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below!

— Andy Swift

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