‘RHONJ’ Recap: Teresa Implies Jacqueline’s Son’s Autism Is Bad Karma

Major tears are shed as the cast of 'RHONJ' talks to the dead. Plus, Teresa Giudice tries to make peace with Jacqueline Laurita, but she puts her foot in her mouth when she insinuates that Nicholas' autism is a result of karma. Did Teresa just stoop to a new low? The cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey travels to Arizona to celebrate Melissa Gorga’s birthday on the Aug. 25 episode, but she comes down with a cold. Meanwhile, Teresa Giudice further tries to make amends with her family and friends, but a comment she makes is taken as a major diss!

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The ‘RHONJ’ Talks To The Dead

Joe Gorga books rooms for everyone at a spa-like retreat called Miraval. Everyone seems to be getting along — hallelujah! — and all the feuding seems to be in the past. However, this is Jersey, so we don’t expect things to stay civil for long.

After chasing a bat out of the villa, and eating dinner together, the cast sits down and talks to a medium.

At first, the cast makes jokes and no one takes this medium seriously. However, when Tina (that’s the ghost seer’s name) starts claiming to hear Richie and Kathy Wakile’s deceased parents, tears start streaming.

Kathy Wakile Tells Teresa Giudice To Cherish Moments With Her Father

Later in the evening, Kathy has a heartfelt moment with Teresa and Rosie Pierri. She explains that she never had closure with her father, before he passed away, and hearing from him speak through the medium is exactly what she needed.

Then, to ease the rather intense moment, Rosie says she’d jump in front of Teresa if a coyote came out of the desert. (Would you really, Rosie?)

Joe Gorga Tries To Make Melissa Gorga Feel Better With His Penis

Even though Melissa starts hocking phlegm, Joe says she’s sexy. He even asks her if she wants Tarzan (aka his penis), however, she’s not interested. “Ew no” were her exact words.

While the entire cast goes hiking, Melissa stays back at the villa to recuperate. And by recuperate, we mean lay out in the sun and tan.

Teresa Giudice Tries To Make Amends With Jacqueline Laurita — Again

During ANOTHER therapy session in the desert, Teresa tries to make amends with her friends and family. She calls each and every one of them up to a fire pit, where she burns them — okay, she doesn’t do that, but could you imagine? Instead, she burns a piece of paper and vows to share love and joy with those she’s had trouble with over the past year.

Sadly, Teresa puts her foot in her mouth when she tells Jacqueline Laurita that if karma doesn’t affect you, it affects your kids. That’s low — even for Teresa. We certainly hope she didn’t mean what Jacqueline assumes she meant — that her son, Nicholoas’, autism is a direct result of karma.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Did Teresa mean what Jacqueline assumed she meant?

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— Chris Rogers

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