‘RHONJ’ Recap: Melissa Gorga Is Accused Of Cheating On Joe

Teresa Giudice's entourage gangs up on Melissa at the Milania Hair Care launch party, where they accuse her of cheating on Joe Gorga. Things go awry at the launch party for Teresa Giudice's Milania Hair Care line on the August 18 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Plus, Jacqueline Laurita returns home after getting a tummy tuck and Lauren Manzo contemplates marriage.

Melissa Gorga Cheating
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Jacqueline Laurita Debuts Her New Body

After traveling to Beverly Hills for a bit of plastic surgery, Jacqueline returns home to New Jersey with a new body! Luckily, we weren’t subjected to looking at slices of Jacqueline’s skin on the operating table again. (Seriously — I’ll never eat quesadillas again!)

Later, in a tear-inducing moment, Jacqueline’s son Nicholas glows with excitement upon the vision of his mommy walking through the front door. So cute!

Lauren Manzo Contemplates Marriage

Lauren Manzo confesses that she’s struggling with the idea of marriage. After launching her new business, Cafface, Lauren feels that her love life is a second priority and she’s no longer ready to get engaged to her longtime boyfriend Vito.

During an intimate dinner date, Lauren tells Vito that she’d say no to a proposal at this time in her life. (Way harsh, Lauren!)

Chaos Erupts At Teresa Giudice’s Milania Hair Care Event

Teresa hosts a launch party for her new Milania hair care line, but in typical Jersey fashion, a world war breaks out. For some odd reason, Teresa feels that her event is the perfect opportunity for Melissa Gorga to confront Jan and Penny about their previous accusations. Teresa tells Melissa she has no control over who comes to her event, but she has her sister-in-law’s back, so there’s no need to worry. (How courteous of her.)

While Melissa and Joe Gorga place nice with Teresa and Joe Giudice, Kim “D,” Jan and Penny gossip about Melissa by the bar. (I must note that I’ve been to this gorgeous venue — Stone House at Sterling Ridge —  for a wedding. Jersey represent!)

Kim “D” motions for Melissa to come over and she tries to squash any beef they may have. Melissa doesn’t seem irked until Jan walks over.

Almost immediately, Jan accuses Melissa of meeting her ex. However, it’s when Penny enters the conversation that things start to get sticky. When Melissa presses Penny and tries to find out who put her up to releasing an article to Life & Style, Penny refuses to give up a name. And strangely enough, Teresa is hovering over the situation and diverting the conversation, making sure it’s known that she and Penny are “not friends.”

All that Teresa seems interested in is making sure her name is cleared, which only makes her look more guilty. Melissa and Joe feel that something is off.

They all part ways and Teresa feels vindicated.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Is Teresa responsible for these dirty rumors about Melissa?

WATCH: Melissa Gorga Gets Accused Of Cheating

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