Kristen Stewart & Taylor Swift: It’s Great You Both Want To Go To College

Kristen and Taylor, there's nothing better to take your minds off your exes than throwing yourselves into work and taking on a new challenge like college. Kristen Stewart -- you are heading into the college realm to study English literature, according to a new report, and I couldn't applaud you more.

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Kristen Stewart: Good For You For Wanting To Attend UCLA

You’re so smart to realize that no matter how successful an actress you are, there’s no substitute for a good education!

You’re set to study literature at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) through a correspondence course, so you will still be able to act while you’re a student.

“She is already considering a life after film,” a source tells The Sun. “She never got to complete college and she wants to get a proper education. She is a voracious reader and cannot wait to get going on her correspondence course,” even though “it will mean putting in some fairly strenuous hours.”

Kristen, I’m not surprised you’ve decided to take this super-positive step.

At, we’ve always heard that you loved to read, as did Robert Pattinson and that it was one of the many things that you two had in common.

You also sounded somewhat wistful in a few interviews about the fact that you hadn’t gone to college yet.

Kristen, College Will Be A Great Challenge For You

“I was always good in school — like, kind of reluctantly … [and] I never, ever imagined that I wouldn’t go to college; I just got caught up in things,” you told The Hollywood Reporter when you were promoting On the Road at the Toronto International Film Festival. “What I knew  when I was younger was that I wanted to know that I was going to be really challenged, and I am.”

Well, Kristen, you will definitely find taking a college literature course a challenge — in a good way! They always are, especially because you’ll be doing it along with acting. Giving yourself a brain challenge is EXACTLY what you need when you’re looking for a life change.

You’re sad that Rob is moving on and starting a new life with new friends, a source has told exclusively. But clearly, you also realize that you can’t just totally give in to that sadness. As much as you loved Rob and the years that you spent together, you’re 22, and you have to move on- you have your whole life ahead.

Acting again right now in Camp X-Ray is a fabulous step, but so is stepping out of your established acting world and taking on something completely different like a college education.

Plus, You Won’t Be Alone

And of course, you won’t be alone doing that. Your best friend Scout Compton tweeted that she “got accepted to UCLA!”

Now, who knows? Maybe you’ll also have Taylor Swift as a fellow English literature student, as she just revealed that she wants to go to college, too.

“Get a college degree … somehow, someway,” she just told Marie Claire magazine in an interview for their September issue; that’s what’s on her bucket list!

Way to go, Taylor. You’re also just 23, and for all your mind-blowing success, you’re smart enough to know that college can give you an intellectual challenge that you’d find to be a mental turn-on. You’re already a poet! Why not study other great American poets?

In any case, Kristen and Taylor, there are some role model examples of other Hollywood stars who either took time off to pursue college degrees or are pursuing them on the side.

Natalie Portman went to Harvard, Anne Hathaway, Vassar, Emma Watson studied at Brown for a year and a half, and James Franco was a UCLA English major, has an MFA from Columbia, and is now pursuing a PhD in English at Yale! Whew!

So congrats Kristen for taking a step out of your safe zone and starting college, and Taylor — you’ll have to get that bucket list checked off! Don’t you agree, HollywoodLifers? Aren’t Kristen and Taylor smart for wanting to pursue higher education?

Let me know!

— Bonnie Fuller

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