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‘Devious Maids’ Recap: Marisol Uncovers A Clue About Flora’s Murder

Sun, June 30, 2013 11:00pm EDT by Andy Swift 3 Comments
Devious Maids Season 1 Episode 2
Courtesy of Lifetime

The evidence against the Powells is really starting to pile up. (Let’s hope Marisol doesn’t end up in the pool!)

The Pine-Sol thickened on the June 30 episode of Devious Maids, as Marisol (Ana Ortiz) stumbled on the letter Flora wrote right before she was brutally murdered. She didn’t get to read the whole thing before Adrian (Tom Irwin) snatched it out of her hand, but I’m thinking the word “raped” and the fact that she blamed ‘him’ was enough to raise an eyebrow.

Taylor (Brianna Brown) didn’t want Marisol going over to the Powells’ house in the first place, but after Adrian had a few words with her, she changed his tune. (Seriously, what does he have on the Stappords?!)

Hope For Valentina

Valentina (Edy Ganem) made her first move on Remi (Drew Van Acker) this week, joining him and his friends at the movies. She actually gelled with everyone pretty effortlessly, but things got awkward when his friends came by the house and she was forced to play maid. Zoila (Judy Reyes) gave her this big ‘I told you so’ speech, and it was pretty annoying. Do the writers not want us to like Zoila at all? If so, mission accomplished.

But in a surprising turn of events, Valentina admitted her feelings for Remi to Genevieve (Susan Lucci) — and even more surprisingly, she was thrilled to hear it! Is Remi’s mom really going to help hook her son up with the help? Or was she on so many pills, she didn’t know what she was saying? I guess time will tell.

An Affair To Ignore

Rosie (Dania Ramirez) found herself in an awkward position this week when she caught Peri (Mariana Klaveno) cheating on Spence (Grant Show) with one of her actor ‘friends.’ She almost told Spence about the affair, but after hearing how dedicated he was to making their marriage work for their son, she decided not to spill the adulterous beans.

(Side note: Am I the only one who detected a spark between Rosie and Spence? I really hope that doesn’t happen.)

Carmen’s Luck Continues

And then there’s Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez), who spent the week taking advantage of Alejandro’s big-ass mansion while he was out of town. She also took advantage of Sam (Wolé Parks), who wasn’t too pleased to find out Carmen didn’t return his feelings. He swore he’d never cover for her again, but changed his tune — literally, a piano was involved — when Odessa (Melinda Paige Hamilton) made a surprise return.

I’m curious: How do most viewers feel about Carmen? If we’re making Desperate Housewives comparisons, she’s clearly the Gabby of the group, but I still wish they’d make her a little more likable. We need to find out some backstory to make her more human!

HollywoodLifers, who do YOU think killed Flora? Will Genevieve really help Valentina and Remi? Drop a comment with your review of this week’s episode and your predictions for the weeks to come!

— Andy Swift

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