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‘Biggest Loser’ Trainer Dolvett Quince: Get Bikini Ready Like Selena Gomez

Tue, June 18, 2013 4:00pm EDT by Dory Larrabee 3 Comments
Biggest Loser Workout
Hollywoodlife, Courtesy of Muse Productions

Summer is in full gear and it’s time to shape up and get bikini ready, just like our favorite star Selena Gomez! If you are struggling and wonder how in the world you can fit into that bikini, have no fear! ‘The Biggest Loser’ trainer Dolvett Quince is here with EXCLUSIVE tips to help YOU get in shape!

Dolvett Quince is known for his great physique and, most importantly, for helping The Biggest Loser contestants lose weight and get fit! Lucky for you, he has shared some of his best tips to help you stay healthy and slim for the summer! Now you can wear that itty-bitty, teeny-weeny, yellow-polka-dot bikini, and rock your new slim shape just like Selena Gomez!

‘Biggest Loser’ Workout Moves: Trainer Dolvett Quince’s Fitness Tips

Dolvett came to the office where he spilled EXCLUSIVELY about some of the easiest and best ways to stay healthy and trim this summer. Check it out!

How can girls get the bikini body of a celebrity this summer?

“It’s all about staying toned and leaning. I always tell women clients that I train, you don’t want to lift too much heavy weights, but you don’t want to be afraid of weights either,” Quince tells

What is it really like on the Biggest Loser ranch? Do contestants work out all day? Do they make their own meals?

“I give them a particular meal plan and yes, they work out all day long. Everyone who is on this show is sequestered from their family — no Internet, no television, no cellphones. The focus is working out. In a lot of ways, it’s a boot camp.”

What are some exercises that people can do on their own?

“Here are some great things you can do at home or in your office — instead of just sitting at the computer, lean out to the edge of the chair, straight legs, and bring your legs up and down. Something else to do is dips to tone the back of your arms.”

Quince demonstrates in the video — watch it below!

You’re working with Dr. Scholl’s — how can we make sure that we’re balanced and supported all day as well as prevent injuries?

“I’m a huge fan of, obviously, the active series inserts — triple zone protection. This is going to give the ball of your foot, the arch, and heel protection.”

How do you get rid of those last five or ten stubborn pounds?

“That’s a great question. I always tell people, increase your fiber intake, whether through berries or mostly through vegetables. The greener the vegetable, the more you’re gonna flush out the system to have a flat stomach. And stay hydrated — drink plenty of water. It’s summertime, get that blood flowing, get the energy, stay hydrated and you’ll be fine.”

Hey HollywoodLifers, will you try out Dolvett’s exercise tips?

WATCH: ‘Biggest Loser’ Trainer Dolvett Quince’s Workout Tips

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— Katie Kravat, Reporting by Dory Larrabee

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