‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: A Mystery Killer Is On The Loose In Beacon Hills

As if the new Alphas weren't bad enough, someone else is going on a killing spree -- and no virgin is safe! The hunt for Cora and Boyd continued on the June 17 episode of Teen Wolf, but because not even Isaac (Daniel Sharman) and his high-fashion scarf could stop them, the pack called upon Team Argent for back-up. And while Allison (Crystal Reed) and her blue-eyed papa were eventually able to lead the boys to victory, their success came with a few complications.

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Teen Wolf Heather Dead
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The fight climaxed at Beacon Hills High School, where Boyd and Cora immediately targeted that lovely young teacher we met on the season premiere. (First the bird attack, and now this? That poor teacher really deserves a raise.) Fortunately, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) let himself be their scratching pole until the sun came up, at which point they fell asleep, and will probably wake up feeling really awkward.

Lydia Martin: Dead Body Magnet?

I’m still not sure what’s going on with Lydia (Holland Roden) — to be fair, neither does she — but we got a hint of what’s behind her other-ness this week when she stumbled on a dead lifeguard. Actually, she didn’t so much stumble on it as she was drawn to it, because she had “no clue” how she even got to the pool. (Side note: A dead lifeguard? Oh, the irony.)

But seriously, what’s Lydia’s deal? Why does she go all Haley Joel Osment on these corpses, but not remember how or why she found them? Taking a page from one of Holland’s fellow MTV stars, Tionna Smalls, I have only this to say to Lydia: “Girl, get your mind right!”

The Virgin Homicides

Meanwhile, Stiles’ (Dylan O’Brien) bad-luck streak with the ladies remained unwavering this week. Not only did he fail to make sexy times with Lydia, despite getting all the way to her bedroom, but he also learned that Heather — the cute-but-desperate virgin who threw herself at her birthday party — is dead!

Apparently, Heather was just one of many dead virgins to come, as Beacon Hills’ new mystery killer is really big on “three-fold deaths”: strangling, slashing throats and bashing in heads. And like any good horror movie, if you’ve had sex, you’re not a target.

In other news, Stiles needs to get laid. FAST.

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of this week’s episode? Any new theories about Lydia’s curse? And how bummed were you with the lack of Alpha twins? Drop a comment with your review and your best theories!

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