Selena Gomez Reveals Her Newborn Sister’s Name On Twitter

So sweet! Selena took to Twitter to thank her fans for their congratulations on her new baby sister, and she also shared the name of her 'lil sissy'! Read on to find out Selena's new sibling's name. Selena Gomez is officially a big sister! On June 12, Selena's mom Mandy Teefey and her husband Brian Teefey welcomed a daughter, and Selena announced the new baby girl's name on Twitter!

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Selena Gomez Reveals New Baby Sister’s Name

On June 14, Selena wrote, “Momma, Brian, and me are all so grateful for all your well wishes. My lil sissy Gracie Elliot Teefey was born on June 12th. Luv you all XO.”

What an adorable name! Little Gracie Elliot is so lucky to have a wonderful big sister like Selena to look up to!

Justin Bieber Sending Congrats To Selena Gomez’s Mom?

Although Selena and Justin Bieber recently broke up after dating for two years, that didn’t stop Justin from reaching out to Selena’s family after the birth of Selena’s sister.  A source tells EXCLUSIVELY that Justin contacted Selena after hearing the exciting news about her sister. “Justin knows the joy of younger siblings and is very happy for Selena and her Mom,” the source says.

Although Selena’s mom isn’t Justin’s biggest fan, the source notes that Justin still wants to go the extra mile by sending flowers to Selena’s mom Mandy, as long as Selena is okay with it. “He wished Selena the best and is working on getting a gift.”

We think it’s so great that Justin is being supportive of Selena even though they are no longer together!

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