Eliot Spitzer & Wife Silda Living Apart Five Years After Cheating — Report

Eliot has reportedly been staying away from his family’s home and living at 800 Fifth Ave., a building owned by his father, Bernard Spitzer. Do you think Eliot and wife Silda are having marital problems?

Former New York governor Eliot Spitzer has allegedly been spotted at 800 Fifth Ave. for at least a month. His wife, Silda Spitzer, and their family live at 985 Fifth, less than 20 blocks away from Eliot’s most recent “home.”

Silda & Eliot Spitzer Living Apart

Eliot, 53, who’s often seen heading for his regular morning jog around Central Park, is reportedly staying in a two-bedroom apartment that usually rents for $14,000 a month.

Eliot’s spokeswoman Lisa Linden confirmed to the New York Post that he was “spending time in the building [800 Fifth],” but it’s so he can “spend more time with his ailing parents, who live there.” Eliot’s father Bernard Spitzer owns both buildings at 800 and 985 Fifth.

Lisa added that Eliot and Silda are “still a couple.”

Silda famously stood by Eliot’s side when it was discovered that he patronized a high-priced prostitution service called Emperors Club VIP five years ago, and met with call girl Ashley Dupre.

Eliot Spitzer Is Busy Running His Father’s Empire

Eliot’s father is reportedly suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.

“Eliot has been running [his father’s empire] while [Bernard’s] been sick. Eliot and Silda’s three daughters have all gone to college and left home; it is not unusual for empty-nest couples to start doing things separately,” the source tells the NY Post.

HollywoodLife.com reached out to Eliot’s spokeswoman for comment.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Are Eliot and Silda heading for a split?

— Chris Rogers

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Are Eliot and Silda heading for a split?