Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Fighting Started In NYC? Pic

Fri, May 17, 2013 9:12pm EST by 109 Comments

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Posted at 9:55 AM on May 22, 2013  

I think I figured out what happened in NYC. I have two opinions actually. Rob went a week before Kris and I figured maybe some business and to see Tom. It seems life was ok with he and Kris before he left. Who knows really. One theory is what many people said there was a deadline set with Summit to remain a couple. And many of them hooted and said we told you all so, you were duped. I suppose it is possible for Rob to go along with that but Kris never.

What I think happened is Katy Perry. They spent an unual amount of time together and Kris found out when she went there by the non-reception she got from Rob. I don’t believe she was at the after party either. She went to see Orphan’s alone for Tom’s play. I think she knew then and even possibly before she even got there. She knew that Rob had more than just drinks with Katy and her friends. He cheated and it was discussed I am sure. I I think when they got home on the 8th is when he went drinking every night and still is according to the papz sightings. If he didn’t admit it to her in NYC it definetly happened before the suprise B’day party and his conscience must have got to him. Otherwise she wouldn’t have been so upset that day.

She is a more forth right person and she admitted publicly an apology for the kiss and also said that she never had sex with him. Of course we all know now that a lot of photo shopping was done. Check out Justice for Kristen,com. Also check out Especially the Romer girl incident with her in the back seat sitting very close with his hand on her knee and a shocked look on his face. He took her home with him and the papz followed. Kris had done a moive with the Romer girl and knew her. Kris was filming elsewhere.

Kris won’t blow his cover. She is too nice. She wouldn’t want to hurt his career. He has not been her champion and she has been unfairly cruicified by everyone. . I think the story of different priorities and taking some time apart but not splitting and just taking a break. I that they are still crazy in love but they never mentioned that they could date other people. The gossip rags or Robs PR people threw that in just to cover any future gossip and we know there will be.

Kris you are a wonderful person and a great actor. Don’t let anyone treat bad. Rob needs to grow up or maybe this is where he might be having trouble dealing with the fame and the crazyness of it. I think he might be trying to live up to other peoples expectations of him. It shouldn’t be so much work to do that.

We are your fans and we loved the love story and we wanted it to continue long past Twilight. But if it doesn’t we will still love you. We love your strength of character and your honest and forth rightness. You are one of a kind. Show them all, be you and just do it. We support you in what ever you do. Find another to love if this doesn’t work out. Find someone who loves all aspect of you. You were meant to shine! So shine, shine, shine Girl.

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Danyell J. Lehman

Posted at 7:23 PM on May 21, 2013  

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Aussie lady

Posted at 12:07 AM on May 20, 2013  

@sis south africa, When are you going to grow a brain. Rob is a grown man, he doesn’t need you to fight his battles. How much longer are you going to blame Kristen for what happened. It has been nearly 12 months and you still can’t let it go. It was Rob’s decision to go back to Kristen NO-ONE TWISTED HIS ARM OR FORCED HIM TO GO BACK TO KRISTEN.HE DIDN’T HAVE TO DO ANY OF THIS HE COULD HAVE WALKED AWAY, BUT HE DIDN’T, because he loved her. He ran straight to Kristen when he left Australia and arrived in LA. NO-ONE made him do that or even asked him. He just did, because he missed her and he loves her. I am so fed up with all you Kristen haters. If your boyfriend ran off to another part of South Africa and was pictured with another female how would you feel, would you just laugh it off and say they are just friends, I don’t think so. Wouldn’t you be angry. If your boyfriend loved you don’t you think he would avoid being photographed with another woman knowing that you would be upset and angry if you saw the photographs. Rob was seen on 3 different dates with Katy Perry. There are photographs to prove this. He did in fact arrive in NYC at least a week before Kristen. Explain to me why Rob wouldn’t want to be seen with Kristen at the MET GALA BALL if he loved her, he should be happy to do this. But instead he wanted to be with Katy Perry. Rob and Katy were together all day before they went see Tom Sturridge’s play together. What were they doing???. He was seen at a concert with her and they attended an after party where apparently they never left each others side all the time they were there and they left the party together. Where did they go to her place in NYC or his hotel room, what happened did he sleep with her, interesting don’t you think. Nobody saw them all day the next day until the restaurant sighting. Where they were spotted together on another date, and that when they were sitting at the table they were side by side and Rob had his hand on Katy’s thigh COME ON, what does that tell you. Isn’t this cheating if he loves Kristen, don’t tell me it is because they are friends. It is common knowledge that Katy wants Rob and she has told Kristen that if ever her and Rob split up she would take Rob on. Don’t you think that Kristen has every right to be angry with Rob. After all he is her boyfriend. For someone who tells Kristen he loves her more and more, I can’t believe he would do this to her. I find it appalling actually. It is breaking her heart and he doesn’t seem to care. I bet Katy is jumping with glee knowing that there is trouble in paradise between Rob and Kristen. I bet she can’t wait to get her claws into Rob. Lets see if Katy is showing in about 6 months time. It is true that Katy can’t keep her boyfriends for long maybe it is because she is after Rob. My opinion is Katy should back off and leave ROB alone. Who in the hell would give any information to People Magazine, or the Sun for that matter. These people are the lowest form of friends if they did. It would only be someone within their friend group that would do this sort of thing. But than again I don’t think their friends would, unless they want the money. But lets hope that their friends are loyal to both of them. They deserve to be with each other because they love each other. But than again HL can’t help but print lies and crap and never investigate their stories before they print. Have they ever heard of a thing called a LAW SUIT. I am amazed that no-one has sued them yet. But than again I suppose the people they write lies about are the only ones that knows the truth. If they have split up why would he still stay in her house. Someone is saying it is because of the dogs. Come on children I could see why but than again staying in a relationship because of the children would also make matters worse, but the dogs GET REAL. Kristen would look after the dogs because that is what she did while Rob was away filming. So Rob wouldn’t really have to worry about Bear at least Bear would be looked after by Kristen. If he has his own house why doesn’t he stay there than and take bear with him, and move all his stuff out of Kristen’s house. BUT HE HASN’T SO THE STORY GOES. It has only been 2 months since they reunited when Rob returned to LA from Australia after filming. these 2 deserve to be together because they love each other. if he is restless after 2 months than maybe they shouldn’t consider getting married because you can’t get restless in married life after 2 months and say you need a break that is not how married life works.

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Rossy freskita

Posted at 12:55 PM on May 19, 2013  

I’ve seen hundreds of photos like this, I’m too lazy HL, goodbye

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Posted at 5:29 AM on May 19, 2013  

IM afraid that kowmatter what some will always hate Kristen at least till they fkin grow up get a life
Nothing anyone can do or say will make them not want to stamp their feet screaming ROBERTTTT
How could she oyur a saint your lovely man I want and if you met me youd fall madly in love with me forget Krsten WELL ladies Id say he probably has but hes not gone to you NOPE its KP
Her of the weird clothes the women who married on an Elipahnt and less than a year latetr divoced saying dreadful things about ehr hisband BUT gagging him in law so he couldnt retaliate
Just imagine it they go out in public and if they finish SHE will write a song about him Id be very careful if I was him I dont partic like her or trust her if what they say is true
Doesnt the unwrriten rule still apply to you under 30s YOU dont go out with your bessie pals ex???

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charlotte crowder

Posted at 7:40 PM on May 21, 2013  

Aussie Lady andMargaret you are right on.Rob came here to meet Kristen because he admired her as actress.Read back the interview with Hardwick. Kristen got him the part. He’s who she wanted. I think he has used her all these years. Sure she made a mistake. A BIG one!! She has paid dearly for it. Enters “friend” Katy Perry. She has always wantd Rob. She will skrew him over. He is going to use her to get into the music business”which is his first love” I think his “first love is himself!!!” He has let “fame” go to his head. Yes he came right back to Kristen from Australia. I believe deep down he may have loved her I just don’t know.He sure isn’t showing it now. She has always put him first.Maybe he should open a dog kennel and put Katy Perry head dog!!!

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Posted at 11:33 PM on May 21, 2013  

You have put into words what I have known all along Charlotte. BRAVO!!!

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Posted at 8:16 AM on May 22, 2013  

Bravo Charlotte ….good point!

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