Justin Bieber Makes A Fashion Statement In Knee Socks

The pop star might have been dressed down but he made quite the fashion statement! Did you think his new look will catch on as a cool new trend? VOTE!

Justin Bieber debuted a very casual outfit while spending some time with his bestie Lil Twist. While Selena Gomez always manages to look like she’s ready for a red carpet even when she’s wearing something casual, that sadly wasn’t the case for the Biebs — in fact, he looked like he was getting ready to shoot hoops on a basketball court!

Justin Bieber’s Knee Socks:

The 19-year-old popstar didn’t dress up on this occasion. Instead, he flaunted his affinity for comfortable street style in an oversized pair of Nike basketball shirts and a large, purple hoodie. Although he kept it casual, the Biebs still color-coordinated throughout the entire look and sported a purple pair of sneakers that matched his hoodie to a tee. While the look was very dressed down it still managed to make us do a double-take — and that’s because he was wearing his tall black socks so high! Who knew Biebs was a fan of knee socks?

A black tank top, two chains, aviators, and a fitted baseball cap finished off the interesting look. Biebs stayed true to his signature sense of street style all while making a brand new fashion statement!

While the look wouldn’t be so strange on a basketball court it isn’t everyday we see stars trying to rock the knee sock trend — but who knows, maybe Biebs will manage to bring the look back in style! We could only wonder what Selena thinks of him sporting these socks.

What do you think? Is Justin starting a new trend or do you think next time he should opt for a lower pair of socks?

Katrina Mitzeliotis

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