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Aimee Copeland: Gets Prosthetic Hands In New Video

Fri, May 17, 2013 6:12pm EDT by Chloe Melas Add first Comment

Aimee contracted a horrible flesh eating infection that resulted in her losing her hands and feet. But now she’s been given $200,000 state-of-the-art prosthetic limbs to help her eat, cook, do her hair and more!

Aimee Copeland is a brand new woman! The 24-year-old Georgia native got into a zip-lining accident in April 2012 and now she is showing off her new hands on Today in a new interview.

Aimee Copeland Gets New Hands & Feet

Aimee’s hands and feet were amputated in order to keep her alive after her horrible accident. She became infected with necrotizing fasciitis, and now she’s come so far. One year later, she shows Today that she can chop vegetables, shake hands, and even put on earrings.

The hands were designed by Touch Bionics and they gave them to her as a gift since she’ll be the spokesperson.

Aimee Talks About Her Boyfriend’s Reaction To Her Amputation

Aimee appeared on the Sept. 11 episode of Katie, and she said: “[Dying] was never an option, I love life, it’s a beautiful thing. It’s really remarkable how laid back he is. He’s really helpful even when I’m a super grouch. He doesn’t take it personally.”

She and her boyfriend Ben are still together.

“When I stood up for the first time in front of him, he was crying, ‘Wow, I’ve missed you up here,’” she said. “We’ve been together through so many hard times, we’re just to the point where I look at him and I see myself in him, and he feels the same way about that.”

WATCH: Aimee Copeland Shows Off Her New Hands

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