Chris Brown’s New Movie Trailer Released — Watch

If you thought you had already experienced how awesome Chris' dance moves were in his music videos, just wait until you get to see them on the big screen for 'Battle of the Year' -- in 3D! In Battle of the Year, Chris Brown takes on the roll of Rooster, one of twelve team members who are training to compete in the biggest break-dancing competition in the world. Sounds like a perfect role for him!

Chris Brown Movie
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Chris Brown’s New Movie Trailer Released

Chris has been breaking into movies for years now, and this may be one of his hottest roles yet!

In the new film, he is taken under the wing of Derrek (played by Josh Holloway), who is working to put together and train an American dance team that can win the title of best B-boy team — a title that USA hasn’t held in over fifteen years.

Chris seems to be one of the more sarcastic team members — he’s shown in the trailer fighting another team member and talking back to the coach.

Chris Gets Dissed In New Trailer

Then, we get some comic relief when he’s hitting on Stacy (Caity Lotz) — the hot choreographer!

“How ’bout a little one-on-one, baby,” Chris asks her.

“I’m not into boys,” she answers, causing the team to applaud before she can put him in his place. “I’m into men, so you and I won’t have a problem.”

However, while he may be getting dissed in the film, he also shows off his amazing dance moves — and we can’t wait to see them in 3D.

Also in the film is Deception‘s Laz AlonsoJosh Peck, and Terrence Jenkins.

Battle of the Year hits theaters on September 13. Will you go see it?

WATCH: Trailer: ‘Battle of the Year 3D’

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