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’19 Kids & Counting’ Recap: Josh & Anna Moving To Washington D.C.?

Tue, May 14, 2013 8:37pm EDT by 11 Comments
Josh Duggar Anna Duggar Pregnant
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Josh is offered a great new job in Washington D.C., but must decide if it’s worth it to take his family there! Plus, Josh and Anna visit her family in Florida, and they whole family picks up Joseph after rescue training!

Josh Duggar and his wife Anna have made a comfortable life for themselves in an Arkansas small town, right near Josh’s parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar — and their 19 kids. But when Josh is offered a new job in Washington DC, the family must decide if it’s worth it to uproot their lives, and move to a big city.

Josh & Anna Think About Moving To DC

Josh was offered a job to move to Washington DC, but he and Anna aren’t sure if moving to such a big city would be the right move for them. They weight the pros and cons, some of the major cons being they would be so far away from their family — with whom they are super close.

They meet up with Jim Bob and Anna to talk about and pray over the decision, but it’s clear Jim Bob doesn’t want them to be so far away. He worries about his grandkids not even knowing their grandparents! Plus, DC is “a very populated place,” Jim Bob says, and important life aspects like church and family are most important — and are in Arkansas.

Jill & Jana Deliver Baby Samuel & He’s Rushed To The Hospital

Jill and Jana help deliver baby Samuel during a home birth through their midwifery apprenticeship, but something isn’t right with the little bundle of joy. They notice there’s a defect in his umbilical cord, which is similar to a hernia, and they call 911 right away. He’s rushed to the hospital, but luckily everything is fine! Mom and baby are happy and healthy, and he didn’t have any lasting effects from the birth defects.

Samuel’s parents say Jill and Jana were amazing during the delivery, and that they definitely have a future as midwives!

Meet Up With Joseph After Rescue Training

After Joseph has been in International ALERT Academy for rescue training, they finally get to visit him and see everything he has learned in training. Joseph won an award for scripture reading, and the family couldn’t be more proud — but they have to wait anxiously until they can even say hi or give him a hug!

While he’s in line with all of his other trainees, Jim Bob shouts at him and tries to get him to smile. He cracks a smile, but still keeps his composure — he’s a true professional! The family gets to see all of the skills he learned, and after a long day of ceremonies and watching their son, they finally get to give him a hug and take him home!

Josh & Anna Visit Her Family In Florida

Even though the Duggars are all one tight-knit family, Anna is close with her parents and siblings too — she just can’t see them as often since they live all the way in Florida! She wants her kids to spend as much time with her parents as they do with their Duggar grandparents, so a family visit is much overdue.

Plus, Anna can bond with her older sister, who just had a baby! Even though Anna is younger, she is giving advice to her older sis, and telling her the ins-and-outs of motherhood. Since Anna is pregnant with her third child, she’s pretty experienced! Anna says the first six weeks of your baby’s life is like “parenting boot camp.” Meanwhile, the boys have a blast driving four-wheelers around!

Josh & Jim Bob Have A Check-Up On Their Weight-Loss Progress

Just weeks after their initial physical and weight-loss journey, Jim Bob and Josh are back at the doctor’s office. They have seen significant progress in their overall health, and the doctor is impressed! Their times and heart rate levels on the treadmill test are noticeably better.

They just can’t wait until the final workout and weight-in with their trainer!

What did YOU think of the episode, HollyMoms? Do you think Josh and Anna will move to DC?

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— Christina Stiehl

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