‘Awkward’ Recap: Jenna Farts & A Ghostly Secret Comes Out

Disclaimer: The events in that headline aren't exactly connected, but they both happened. And they both changed everything. In an attempt to assert herself as the "cheer-ultimate" instead of just a "cheer-alternate," Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) infiltrated Sadie's (Molly Tarlov) annual team sleepover on the May 7 episode of Awkward. But there was a surprise guest waiting for them at Chez Saxton: the ghost of their slutty, bisexual ex-boyfriend Ricky Schwartz! He came bearing secrets, and like Tom Cruise in that movie, the girls could not handle the truth.

Awkward Jenna Farts
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Who Killed Ricky Schwartz?

I loved everything about this set-up. Not only did we get to see yet another layer to Sadie’s tragic new life — the writers are peeling her character like a banana this season — but the whole thing felt like an awesome ’80s movie spoof. The sleepover, the Ouija Board, and of course, Brett Daverns‘ Zak Morris hair.

And is Ricky’s death going to become a legit mystery this season? I could get on board with that, as well as the idea of Sadie being a real witch. I think we all probably suspected the latter, anyway.

Jenna’s Romantic Fart For Matty

As expected, Matty (Beau Mirchoff) living with the Hamiltons turned out to be a complete disaster. Jenna (Ashley Rickards) became so desperate for her own space, that she actually greeted her towel-clad boyfriend with annoyance, instead of a more appropriate reaction — like great jubilation!

In fact, Jenna bottled up so many emotions and so much frustration, that it all came out as one big literal fart. Her anger “personifarted” itself, if you will. And while I was sure that would doom the couple forever, the fart actually cleared the air for once. Jenna and Matty talked out their issues, and now he’s moving over to Jake’s.

But they’re OK.

Other Important Observations

1. Hey, Jenna, don’t think we didn’t notice you flirting with Colin (Nolan Funk) after class. You’re developing such a writer’s crush on him; this is bad.

2. Desi Lydic was so on-point this week. Val’s little pep talk to Jenna was one of my favorite scenes. I could not imagine a more inappropriate guidance counselor, and she’s amazing.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Are you glad about Jenna’s fart? Who killed Ricky? Drop a comment with your theories — and they’d better be weird!

— Andy Swift

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