Jenelle Evans: How MTV Stops Her From Buying Drugs — Report

The troubled 'Teen Mom 2' star's drug addiction was was graphically featured during the season four finale of the show on April 29, but an insider reveals the MTV crew doesn't want Jenelle doing drugs -- and has come up with a way to help her stop. Read on to find out what it is. Jenelle Evans' alleged hardcore addiction came to a head on April 23 when she was arrested for possession of heroin -- her ninth arrest in three years -- and allegedly assaulting her husband Courtland Rogers. But her struggle with drugs has been ongoing for years, and the crew on her MTV show Teen Mom 2 wanted to make sure she wasn't spending her money on illegal substances.

Jenelle Evans Drugs
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Jenelle Evans Drug Use — How MTV Steps In

Jenelle’s main source of income is from her Teen Mom 2 paycheck, and the show reportedly gives cash incentives to the cast members when the ratings are high on MTV, according to Sean Daly, coauthor of Teen Mom Confidential. Sean says the cast members insist the incentives are rare, but when they happen, MTV sometimes pays them money, or give them restaurant gift cards.

However, Jenelle’s bonus is presented in a way that she can’t spend it on drugs — they give her restaurant gift card, including to her favorite eartery Olive Garden. Other girls get gift cards too, but another insider tells magazine that the gifts cards are to prevent her from spending her money frivolously.

Jenelle Evans A ‘Sad Case’

Even though Jenelle’s legal issues and drug addictions have played out on the small screen, the source says the crew members are actually fond of her.

“Jenelle is a sad case but can be really sweet. Everyone wishes she could get her act together,” the insider tells the magazine.

What do YOU think of Jenelle getting gift cards, HollyMoms? Do you think that’s smart for her?

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