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‘Glee’: 5 ‘Game-Changing’ Spoilers From The Final Two Episodes

Tue, April 30, 2013 2:14pm EDT by Chris Rogers 5 Comments
Glee Spoilers
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SPOILER ALERT! Chord Overstreet reveals how season four will end, why we’ll have to wait until season five to see the seniors graduate and which main character may be leaving the series — forever! Keep reading for all the details.

Season four of Glee has been a “journey and emotional roller coaster,” according to Chord Overstreet, who portrays Sam on the FOX hit series. So it only seems appropriate that it wraps in the same manner. Keeping reading for spoilers from the final two episodes!

‘Glee’ Spoilers — 5 Major Secrets From The Final Two Episodes

1. Glee will do something completely different in regards to the series’ timeline. “The school year is half this year and the other half next year,” Chord tells The Hollywood Reporter. One Tree Hill did the same thing and split two high school years into four seasons. “The final two episodes are more toward gearing up for Regionals,” Chord adds. In other words, there won’t be any graduation this year — that’ll likely come at the end of season five.

2. Kevin McHale’s Artie learns some big news about his future during the May 2 episode, which also features the arrival of Katey Sagal as his mom, Nancy Abrams. “Artie receives some sort of college news and he’s a little troubled by the idea of going out into the real world,” Chord says. “The reality is that New Directions is always supportive of anybody’s decision with what they want to do. Artie has a lot of hesitance toward going into the real world and having to deal with the reality of going to school, being alone and growing up on his own; it’s pretty big for someone who hasn’t had that challenge yet.”

3. We will finally find out who’s been “Catfishing” Ryder (Blake Jenner). The reveal, Chord promises, will be super dramatic!

4. “Brittany’s story line will conclude and you’ll figure out where she’s going,” Chord says of his on-screen love interest. “She comes in and out of MIT and goes back and forth and you’ll see where she’s headed and what’s going to happen with her. It’ll be an emotional episode but it will be fun.” Considering Heather Morris is reportedly pregnant, we have a strange sad feeling that she’s leaving the series. He did say that her story “will conclude.”

5. As far as Blaine’s (Darren Criss) proposal to Kurt (Chris Colfer) is concerned, Chord says: “Sam is one of those guys who’s a sweet guy and is always there for people — he’s encouraging and he’s wise beyond his years. He’s always supportive but he does try to be the voice of reason. [However,] if it were me and it was my friend about to propose in high school, I’d tell him to wait and see.” (Let’s hope that Blaine doesn’t seek Sam’s advice.)

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Are you excited for the season finale? Do you think Heather Morris is leaving the series? And will Blaine really propose?

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— Chris Rogers

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