‘Awkward’ Recap: Jenna & Matty Take A Surprising Next Step

Plus, who had sex — and possibly a sandwich? "I'm sorry I took your daughter's virginity." Yes, that line was actually spoken aloud on the April 30 episode of Awkward, as the show truly lived up to its name like never before. Jenna (Ashley Rickards) and Matty (Beau Mirchoff) were forced to discuss their sex life over dinner with all four of their parents — but that wasn't the strangest part of the episode.

Awkward Jenna Matty
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No, the strangest part came at the very end when Matty showed up on the Hamiltons’ doorstep — asking if he could crash for a while!

While having Matty under her roof will probably seem great to Jenna at first — the previews show her walking in on him in a towel, which is kind of a treat for everyone — we see that it begins to take a toll on their relationship. Only on television would anyone ever kick that guy out of their house for any reason. (Matty, I have a guest room. Just saying.)

Tamara Loses Her Virginity — And Her Mind

Meanwhile, Jake (Brett Davern) and Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) were engaging in some awkward sex-capades of their own. “Jakara” was finally ready to have sex, but when Jake’s set-up looked a little too much like the one he planned for Jenna last season — think pillows, roses and the back of a van — Tamara threw a s**t fit.

But because Jake has amazing hair and a surprisingly smokey voice, he was able to talk Tamara down… and into bed. Their first time wasn’t as amazing as they hoped it would be, but I have faith in their staying power as a couple. I’m Team Jake till the bitter end, regardless of who he’s with.

Three Cheers For Sadie

And then, as always, there was Sadie (Molly Tarlov). Palos Hills High’s queen of mean proved to be the ultimate fear-leader this week, dishing out some of her best one-liners yet. (“Yell from your diaphragm! You know, that place that’s located directly under your itty-bitties.”)

I also enjoyed her lack of sympathy for Lyssa (Greer Grammer), who may or may not have broken her entire body. It was very Bring It On, and I love me a good throwback.

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of this week’s Awkward? Are you glad Jake and Tamara finally boned? Do you predict Jenna will develop feelings for Colin? Drop a comment with your personal review!

— Andy Swift

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