Justin Bieber Used Kristen Stewart’s Strategy To Win Selena Gomez Back

Justin Bieber -- you seem to have followed Kristen Stewart's incredibly successful plan to reunite romantically with Robert Pattinson. Her strategy worked for her and now the same plan worked for you! Justin Bieber -- you are clearly on cloud nine after wining Selena Gomez's heart back.

Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Together
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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez ‘Smiling’ After Reunion

You convinced Selena, 20, to fly fourteen hours to meet you in Norway and the two of you have been smiling ever since.

You even tweeted the word, “Smiling,” on April 18 after Selena arrived.

Meanwhile, she was photographed smiling and pointing at a Belieber fan’s Justin Bieber t-shirt on April 25.

Finally, you publicly sealed the deal that love was once again blossoming between you by posting an Instagram picture of the two of you cuddling on April 26.

So now, I have to high five you, Justin, for employing the strategy that Kristen Stewart used so successfully last summer and early fall, to convince Robert Pattinson to take her back — PERSISTENCE!

How Kristen Stewart Won Back Robert Pattinson

When Kristen was reeling in her darkest moment after having made the terrible Rupert Sanders mistake, discovered on July 24, 2012, she resolved to not give up on her relationship with Rob.

She knew she loved him, he was her soulmate, and so she let Rob know it repeatedly. She apologized publicly, and she apologized privately over and over. She laid low and when she went out in public, she always wore Rob’s clothes and the necklace Rob had given her. She sent him messages in every way that he was the most important thing in her life.

She persisted in the face of long odds, letting Rob know that she loved him and would do anything to be back together. She also reportedly agreed to work on issues that Rob may have had with the relationship — including being more publicly affectionate.

Justin Bieber Never Stopped Trying To Win Selena Gomez Back

Well Justin, you just used the K-Stew strategy to perfection. Even though Selena split up with you at the end of December, you kept up your campaign of continually trying to woo her back.

We know through sources we have at HollywoodLife.com that you kept calling and texting Selena. You never stopped. You told your friends to never say one negative word about her. You smartly realized that if your friends publicly dissed her, it would only drive a wedge further between you.

I admire your patience, Justin, because even though Selena expressed her hurt publicly — she danced in a video with friends to the Taylor Swift song, “I Knew You Were Trouble,” she laughed on David Letterman and admitted that she made you cry, and she even told Ellen DeGeneres that she was single and ready to date new guys on April 16 — you never retaliated. Instead you went to see her in LA on March 27 when you had a chance to fly back all the way from your tour for just a couple of days.

And you kept calling and texting. You realized how much you loved Selena and how special she was to you, and you let her know. She was irreplaceable!

Will Jelena Be Happier Than Ever Like Robsten?

Your persistance paid off! We dont know exactly what you said or promised to convince her to finally fly to meet you, but I hope it was a promise to love, respect her, and be loyal to her, just like Kristen promised her loyalty to Rob.

It’s worked out for Kristen and Rob, and they are happier than ever. At HollywoodLife, we wish you two all the best and hope you’ve had honest heart-to-hearts that will enable you to live happily ever after, at least for as long as you both want.

Do you agree, HollywoodLifers — that persistance was the winning srtragy for Justin — let me know!

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