Chris Brown Will Surprise Rihanna On Tour Soon

Aww, how sweet! Even though Chris is super busy promoting singles off his new album 'X,' he still wants to make an effort to spend some time with the love of his life. A source close to Chris tells EXCLUSIVELY that the singer is planning on making a surprise visit to see RiRi on tour really soon. Although Chris Brown, 23, has been on the road non-stop promoting the super hot singles from his album X, he's feeling a little down in the dumps since he hasn't been able to connect with his love Rihanna lately. But that's not stopping this hip-hop hunk because Chris is planning a surprise vist for the love of his life while she's on her 'Diamonds World Tour,' a source close to the "Fine China" singer tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Rihanna Chris Brown Surprise Visit
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Chris Brown’s Hectic Work Schedule — Why He’s Missing Rihanna

It’s a cold, hard world out here in the music business and all Chris wants to do is be successful. But at the same time, all this work is driving him crazy because he misses his pop princess girlfriend. Unfortunately, every time the duo tries to hook up it alway falls though.

“He’s trying to get to her and he wants too but damn, his schedule is crazy. He missed her when she was in LA and sick and then had to go to NYC for some biz so the timing just didn’t work out,” said the source.

Chris Brown Plans To Make A Surprise Vist To See Rihanna Soon

To make up for all the couple’s lost time, it looks like he will be making his way to Rihanna’s side soon enough. He’s trying his hardest to make it out to one of her upcoming shows, the source tells us.

“All that dude wants is for her to do her shows and take care of her health. That’s the number one thing he wants her to do,” said the insider.”But other than that, he gone try to get out to see another show of hers just as soon as he can. Might be sooner than later too.”

How cute — Chris is going the extra mile (literally!) to make Rihanna happy and keep his relationship strong. What do you think, Hollywoodlifers, is it sweet that Chris Brown is trying to rearrange his schedule to see Rihanna?

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