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Texas Explosion Video — Girl Cries To Father: Get Me Out Of Here

Thu, April 18, 2013 4:08pm EDT by 16 Comments

A father fights for survival as his two daughters nearly go deaf after the deadly Texas fertility plant explosion. Watch the chilling moment where this family struggles to make it through the blast.

Derrick Hurtt was filming the massive fire at a West Fertilizer Plant in West, Texas with his young daughters Khloey, 12, and Kinley on the night of April 17 on his cell phone from their truck parked far away. Suddenly, the plant exploded — a blast that killed 15 and injured more than 100 — and the terrified family scrambled to find safety.

Texas Plant Explosion: Khloey Screams ‘Dad, I Can’t Hear’

Derrick and his daughters were watching the fire when the plant exploded — and the blast was so loud and massive, it rocked their truck and made his daughter Khloey temporarily lose her hearing. The family tried to scramble to safety while their cries and screams for help are still caught on camera.

Khloey is heard screaming in the video:

Dad, I can’t hear… Get out of here. Please get out of here. Daddy, please get out of here.

Frightened by the explosion, the dad hurries to drive their truck away from the site with his daughters in the vehicle.

Derrick Hurtt Says He & Daughters Are OK

Luckily, the family left the scene unharmed — a miracle, considering the blast killed at least 15 people.

He told Matt Lauer on Today on April 18 that the scene was horrific, and there were others like him watching the fire before the explosion. He said on Today:

There was probably double-digit people standing in front of me videoing that were closer than I was, and after the blast, they were nowhere to be seen.

The father also said his daughter Khloey’s ears are still sore, but her hearing is restored.

What do YOU think of the explosion, HollyMoms? Are you shocked by the video?

WATCH: Texas Explosion — Fertilizer Plant Erupts In Massive Fireball

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