Taylor Lautner Wins ‘Best Shirtless Scene’ At MTV Movie Awards

Taylor is having the night of his life, as not only did he win 'Best Shirtless Scene' at the MTV Movie Awards, he got to hug Zac Efron when he collected his award! Taylor Lautner's abs are finally getting the recognition they deserve! At the April 14 MTV Movie Awards at the Sony Pictures Studio Lot, Taylor beat out Magic Mike's Channing Tatum to win "Best Shirtless Scene," and Taylor was hilarious when collecting his award from Zac Efron and Seth Rogen!

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Taylor Lautner Wins Best Shirtless
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Taylor Lautner Wins ‘Best Shirtless Scene’ For ‘Twilight’

Taylor, 21, won his award for taking off his shirt in Breaking Dawn: Part Two, and he totally deserves it! When he won, he took to the stage to hug Zac — so lucky! — and he was hilarious as he pretended to be fat!

“Thank you, everyone. I’m just going to be real honest with you guys. I turned 21 recently. I’ve been drinking a little bit, eating a little bit, a little too much drinking, probably,” he said of his new physique.

Taylor had a pillow stuffed up his shirt and he spilled lots of candy on stage when he won.

“You could bounce a quarter off those things” said Taylor, when looking up at a HUGE picture of his glorious abs.

He then thanked all the other famous stars who like to take off their shirts.

“But in all seriousness, for us shirtless actors out there, this is like winning the Oscar. But this is as high as it gets. This is the shirtless Oscar. Thank you everyone, for all of us that take our shirts off — [Matthew] McConaughey, Tatum, Lena Dunham — this is it. Thank you to all. Thank you for voting. You’re the best. Thank you.”

Oh Taylor!

Seeing Taylor win this award must soften the blow for all the fans who were annoyed that Twilight was dissed. 

Taylor Launter Is Putting His Shirt Back On — Forever

Taylor recently broke a lot of hearts when he admitted that he is retiring from shirtless scenes.

Taylor, who plays werewolf Jacob Black, became famous for removing his shirt in the movies. During a Nov. 9 interview on Live! with Kelly and Michael, he revealed that he asked Twilight producers if they could “limit the shirtless scenes” in the final movie.

Taylor also revealed that he ate 15 hamburger patties a day in order to get his toned physique, and he talked about Jacob’s role in the final movie.

“He truly has gone from boy to man,” Taylor said. “He finds where he truly belongs. There’s only one [shirtless scene] but it’s a serious one.”

What do YOU think HollywoodLifers? Do YOU think Taylor was a worthy winner?

WATCH: Taylor Lautner Shirtless

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