‘Buckwild’ Star Wears Camouflage For Shain Gandee At MTV Movie Awards

'Buckwild' star Ashley Whitt was all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T at the MTV Movie Awards in Hollywood on April 14, where she rocked a camouflage dress in honor of her late castmember Shain Gandee! So sweet! Buckwild may have been canceled by MTV after the death of one of its stars, but the cast still knows how to rock some camouflage! This is precisely what Buckwild star Ashley Whitt did for the MTV Movie Awards, where a special tribute to Shain Gandee will air!

Ashley Whitt MTV Movie Awards Dress
Image Credit: Courtesy Of Instagram

Ashley Whitt’s MTV Movie Awards Dress

The MTV Movie Awards are a time for celebration of the best actors and actresses this year, but sometimes the movies have to take a backseat for more pressing and touching matters. MTV lost one of its Buckwild stars, Shain Gandee, 21, when he was found dead on April 1 following a four-wheeling trip which ended tragicly.

The music channel aired a special tribute for Shain before the awards show. Ashley, a castmate of Shain’s, tweeted a picture of her camouflage dress that she is wearing at the awards show in honor of her late friend.

With the picture, she captioned it: “My dress for the MTV Movie Awards. #camoforshain”

Shain’s Funeral Was Camouflaged

This isn’t the first time friends have worn camo for Shain. Normal black clothing was not the color of choice for Shain’s funeral. Family and pals were asked to wear the army-wear for Shain’s funeral on April 7 in order to pay homage to their good friend!

Buddies of Shain’s were not the only ones to help out with the funeral. The Buckwild production company stepped in and decided to take care of the funeral and pay for any and all of the expenses!

What do YOU think, Hollywoodlifers? Is Ashley’s MTV Movie Awards dress the perfect way to pay respect to her friend?

Ashley Whitt’s Twitter

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— Rachael Ellenbogen

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