Selena Gomez Attends Rihanna Concert — Takes Cute Pic With Fan

Selena attended Rihanna's concert on April 6 in San Jose, California. Did she and RiRi, Justin Bieber's good friend, have girl talk about him after the show? Read on for all the details! Selena Gomez graciously took a picture with a fan at Rihanna's April 6 concert in San Jose, California. We love seeing the new photo, but there's a chance that Selena had some one-on-one girl talk with Justin Bieber's good friend Rihanna!

Selena Gomez Rihanna Concert
Image Credit: Courtesy of Twitter, SplashNews

Selena Gomez Attends Rihanna Concert

It’s no secret that Rihanna and Justin are friends. In fact, exclusively reported that the two were like brother and sister.

The source tells us, “They are friends. Rihanna looks at Justin like a little brother and she gives him advice.”

So could Rihanna have given JB advice after his very public split with Selena? And if so, is this why Selena went to her concert? Is Selena curious to find out what Rihanna said to Justin after their breakup? Or maybe she wanted to confront RiRi on her reported tryst with Justin in Feb. 2011.

Rihanna Reportedly Broke Up Jelena

In early February 2013, a source told Life & Style that Justin and Selena were dating for several months when Justin started hooking up with Rihanna in 2011.

Our sources quickly denied this claim, as did Justin’s rep.

At the time of the report, Justin’s rep said that he would “never hook up with Rihanna.”

As we said, Rihanna is more like a big sister to Justin. Clearly, if Rihanna and Justin did hook up, Selena would never attend one of her concerts.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Could Rihanna and Selena have talked about Justin after the show?

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