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’19 Kids & Counting’ Recap: Josh & Jim Bob Face Off In Weight-Loss Challenge

Wed, April 10, 2013 12:07am EDT by 2 Comments
19 Kids & Counting Weight In
Courtesy of TLC

Jim Bob and his oldest son Josh Duggar realize they have packed on too many extra pounds, and it’s time to get in shape! Plus, Anna’s sister Priscilla comes to visit — read on for the full ’19 Kids & Counting’ recap.

After Josh Duggar married his wife Anna Duggar in 2008, he has noticed that he and his bride have both gained some weight — about an extra dress size each year over the past four years. But while Anna has been pregnant three separate times, Josh’s added pounds are due solely to an unhealthy lifestyle, and he knows he needs to make a change.

Josh & Anna Duggar Need To Shed The Newlywed Pounds

Josh even says he has gotten comments from people who have noticed his weight gain, and compared to photos of when Josh and Anna first started dating, there’s a drastic difference. His dad Jim Bob Duggar could also stand to lose a few pounds, so both Duggar men agree to start on a healthy regimen — after they indulge in one “last meal” filled with fried delicacies.

Josh & Jim Bob Start Working Out (In Jeans?)

To work off their deep fried dinner, the Duggar men embark on their first intense workout together, and enlist the help of the rest of the family for moral support. And while Jim Bob is worn out halfway through and both are on the verge of quitting, Josh is motivated by the fact that he wants to be healthy for his kids, and be there in the long run!

The guys and their wives also clean out all of the junk food at their house, leaving just fresh fruits and veggies and healthy options. Although it’s harder for Jim Bob with so many kids and tasty treats, the two are committed to shedding the necessary pounds.

Duggar Men Get A Physical

While their weight-loss efforts are all well and good, they want to get checked out by a doctor before continuing with their regimen — and the results of both of their physicals are pretty shocking.

Jim Bob weighs 214 pounds, and his son weighed in at about 10 more pounds than him. The numbers on the scale are a huge wake-up call, but the rest of their stats are even more frightening. Josh is at a major risk for diabetes, and his BMI is in the obese range.

Jim Bob also can’t stay on the testing treadmill for very long, and both guys get lectured about how if they don’t change their lifestyles now, it’s only going to get worse — and they need to stop killing themselves with bad habits.

Anna’s Sister Priscilla Comes To Visit

To lighten the tension, Anna’s sister Priscilla comes in town, and she’s also expecting! She and her husband stay with Josh and Anna for a little bit, and the guys totally bro-out while the ladies chat about pregnancy and catch up on girl talk.

All four even go house hunting together since Josh and Anna are looking for a new pad for their extending family. Although they found some… interesting options, they weren’t satisfied with any houses they saw, especially since none were in their price range.

We hope Josh and Jim Bob get healthy for their families’ sake! What did YOU think of the episode, HollywoodLifers? Do the Duggars need to makeover their eating and exercise lifestyle?

WATCH: Duggar Men Face-Off In Workout

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