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NKOTB Reunites & Performs New Single ‘Remix’ — Watch

Wed, April 3, 2013 10:43am EDT by 6 Comments
Courtesy of ABC

The boy band is promoting their tour with Boys II Men and 98 Degrees. They appeared on the ‘Today’ show on April 3 to perform their hit ‘Remix (I Like The)’ and talk about fond memories.

New Kids on the Block may not be new to the block anymore, but the guys are still having fun performing together. The group took the time to talk to Matt Lauer about their new music and old memories on Today on April 3.

On Their Changes To Their ‘Reunion’

“Last time you were here we were talking about this being a reunion. Alright it’s not a reunion anymore, this is new music. The band is together for the perceivable future. How did this come about?” asked Matt.

“It all came about out there in the courtyard in Madison,” joked Donnie Wahlberg.

Fellow bandmate, Joey McIntyre then interjected and mentioned the important anniversary coming up!

“Five years tomorrow! I’m a date guy, but five years was the first time we came back and announced we are coming back,” said Joey.

Is The Group Back For Good?

Matt then asked the group if this tour means the group is back for good, or will they take a break again after  the tour.

“I think we’re figuring–I think we’ve learned to balance you know, personal lives and the stress and demands of what we do. It’s a lot of work especially now, we’re not kids anymore. I mean 20 years-old, not to say the kids today don’t work hard, but we’re older guys. We got to balance family and work, and other interests. But we’re all here, we’re all committed,” explained Donnie.

The Band Talks About Fun Memories

The 80s boy band has a lot of history, so of course the guys had to dish about their fun memories as kids, touring the world. When asked what they remembered about the good old days, Donnie focused on the fact that it was their childhood.

“Innocence, it was just fun!” said the frontman.

“Yeah it was the little things really. Not the winning awards and stuff like that. It’s like on the tour bus making jokes with each other, and just doing crazy, you know teenage stuff,” said Jordan Knight.

“I just remember scrambled eggs in the hotel in Europe. Just little things, you know little things,” said Donnie.

So HollywoodLifers, are you hoping that the band will stay together?!

WATCH: Remix (I Like The)

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