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‘The Voice’ Recap: Adam Levine Tells Shakira To ‘Shut Up’ In Spanish

Mon, April 1, 2013 10:05pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 4 Comments
Courtesy of NBC

It may be April Fool’s Day, but the singers on ‘The Voice’ are no joke. So when a new talent comes on stage that all four judges love, the gloves are off!

Night three of the blind auditions once again was full of talent. From country brothers, to rock star teens, The Voice brought entertaining performers for the judges to fight over… and Adam Levine and Shakira weren’t holding back! Plus, the judges worked together to force country artists not to chose Blake Shelton! Did they succeed?

Adam Levine Backs Usher’s Choices

When 17-year-old Taylor Beckham took the stage, she turned the chairs of a very excited Usher and Shakira. So, when it was time to convince her to choose, it turned into a full-on battle.

Shakira used the fact that she — like Taylor, used to be a gymnast (and said she could put her feet behind her head, but unfortunately wouldn’t show us). Usher though, didn’t need to say much – his excitement showed it all. Along with Adam’s support.

While mocking Usher, Adam put his leg up explaining that Usher’s “body language” said more than he could have – he put his leg down and was actually smiling! Well, it worked — she chose Team Usher!

Adam Speaks Spanish To Shakira

Yes, you read that right! Adam literally took a page out of Shakira’s book last night after a performance by Karina Iglesias. Singing “I’m the Only One,” Karina mixed in some Spanish, hoping to turn Shakira’s chair. However, she only turned Blake and Adam’s.

Shakira began complaining, as she was extremely mad at herself for not pressing her button, but Adam wasn’t having it!

“Cállate,” he said to her, then began cracking up. The phrase translates to “shut up” in English, shocked Shakira, prompting Adam to run over and hug her. Aww.

Adam then took to Twitter after the viewers were shocked by the obvious joking statement, tweeting “in my defense, @shakira did tell me that cállate means I love you.”

Well, regardless – it was absolutely hilarious! Plus, he made it up to her later. Even though he turned around with all the other judges for Monique Abbadie, who sang a Shakira song, they all ended up agreeing she should pick Shakira — to which she did!

Judges Pull Country Star Away From Blake

Early in the show, Adam said that it’s not often that a country artist choses him over Adam — and by not often, he means it’s never happened. Until now.

“You and I both know it’s a hard community to break into,” Blake told country singer Warren Stone to try and get him to chose him.  “I happened to be part of that community, just so you know.”

“The second you uttered a couple of notes, I knew,” Adam chimed in, reminding Warren that he was the first to turn around. “I’m throwing myself out there – I’m on the table, I’m on the chopping block.”

Well, that did it. Warren shocked everyone and chose Team Adam. That’s right, Adam has the top three people of the season on his team!

“My dream has come true!” Adam told Blake. Well, now it’s time to make one of the artists on your team’s dream come true!

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— Emily Longeretta

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