’19 Kids & Counting Recap’: Duggars Climb The Great Wall

The Duggars leave Japan and make their way to China during their vacation in Asia, where they learn some Chinese, discover the Great Wall and spread a little love to some Chinese orphans! Read on for the full recap. The family packs up all their belongings and head to China. They have about 30 bags to check, plus carryons, but after spending 10 days in Japan they were ready for their almost four-hour flight to Beijing, China.

Duggars Asia
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Duggars: Tiananmen Square, Here We Come

The first full day in a new country is all about sightseeing. Jim Bob Duggar decides to hold a meeting with Michelle Duggar and the kids to explain the rules of taking the Beijing subway, and that it was time to use the “buddy system on steroids” for the subway to Tiananmen Square. Jim Bob tries to look at a map in the subway station in order to figure out where to go, but he can’t seem to tell the difference between the red and the brown lines on the map! His family has to tell him!

The first subway comes, but no one thinks it has enough room to fit the whole family. The second subway comes, but the same problem occurs. Finally Jim Bob decides to split everyone into four teams and to go into separate cars on the next subway. Third time was the charm and everyone is able to squeeze into the tiny space in the subway car. One daughter even claims “it’s like New York on steroids.”  What is with the Duggar family and thinking everything is on steroids?

Once at Tiananmen Square, Jim Bob tells his family that it’s like being at the U.S. capital. Next thing everyone knows, they are being bombarded by lots of people who are coming over to take pictures with all the kids because they have never seen such a large family!

When he gets a free moment, Jim Bob calls over Frank, a cameraman, to give everyone a little Chinese lesson. Frank teaches them some etiquette, along with the words “hello,” “goodbye” and “thank you.”

Duggars Explore The Great Wall – Day 1

The time has come for the Duggars to head onto the bus on the second day there to travel to the Great Wall of China and stay the night in the Gubeiku village. The family wants to see how the people in the village truly live and to eat authentic food. The most difficult part of it all for the family is trying to figure out how to use the chopsticks! After the meal they went back on the bus to go over to the Great Wall. Gasps of astonishment fills everyone’s faces at how amazing the Great Wall truly is.

Duggars Explore The Great Wall – Day 2

Seeing that grand barricade once wasn’t enough and the family wants go to the Great Wall again, but it starts to downpour, which ruins the plans! Instead, they try to find some souvenirs before going up to the wall. Jim Bob tries his hand at bargaining, but finds he’s having a bit of trouble. The conversion rate confuses him and he doesn’t know if he is getting a good deal or not, but he buys some traditional Chinese straw hats anyway.

Courtney’s Water Breaks

Once the Duggars’ excursion to the Great Wall was over, they returned to their hotel to receive some sad news that their coordinating producer Courtney Enlow’s water broke and that she is most likely going to have to deliver her baby in China! The baby wasn’t due for another five weeks, causing the whole family to keep Courtney in their prayers. But Jana and Jill decided to head on over to the hospital to keep an eye on the soon-to-be mom.

The language barrier with her doctors and not knowing how they even practiced medicine in China put quite a burden on the already in-labor Courtney! While she was pushing and pushing, Jana and Jill kept the rest of the Duggar family up-to-date. Scott Enlow, Courtney’s husband and the show’s director, tried to get in to see his wife, but the doctors wouldn’t let him. He decided to just charge on in anyway.

This was one fast birth! It took less than an hour between the contractions starting and the baby being born! Unfortunately, the doctors told Scott that his baby had a higher respiration rate than full-term babies and had to be taken to the neonatal intensive care unit for three days. Courtney got to see the baby for only a split-second before her child was taken away. 

Duggars Discover New Foods

Once news of the baby and mother’s stability hit the Duggars, they decided to do a bit more adventuring and went to a duck restaurant. It was a full-service restaurant and the Duggar clan saw the ducks being cooked, then sliced right in front of them and then finally it came time for the family to feast. Originally disgusted by how the ducks were cooked, everyone came to really enjoy everything in the end, which is a bit different from how they reacted to some of the Japanese food.

Next up on the vacation to-do list was hit up Snack Street, where they continued to expand their palette. Jim Bob even bought a scorpion on a stick to try! Jim Goodwin, the show’s sound guy, was offered the stick and he ate it without hesitation because it surprisingly wasn’t his first time eating the delicacy. No one in the family was brave enough to chow down on the venomous animal, not even adventurous Jim Bob.

The Duggars Visit An Orphanage

The next day everyone took a more selfless expedition and visited the Sun Village Orphanage to spend some time with the kids there. Michelle and Anna both got a little teary-eyed during the outing and really enjoyed playing with the kids. Now the Duggars have visited orphanages in North America, Central America and Asia! During their time visiting the orphans in China, they passed out shoes to the children, thinking it was a practical gift to give. Before they headed out, everyone wrote out a sweet blessing for the children on a piece of ribbon that was to be put on a fruit tree.

Seeing these children makes Michelle consider the whole adoption world because she believes that her heart and home is open to anything, but that she will just have to “wait and see what God has in store.”

Courtney’s Newborn Girl Is Released From Hospital

Courtney and Scott’s baby girl is released from the hospital with her dad carrying her out to the waiting and welcoming Duggar family! 

Anna Reveals A Secret

During their trip in China, Josh and Anna snuck away during dinner one night to take a pregnancy test to figure out if they were expecting another child. The test was negative, but Anna was almost sure she was pregnant. Two days after they arrived back home in the United States Anna took another test and discovered she is pregnant with her third child!


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— Rachael Ellenbogen

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