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’19 Kids & Counting’ Recap: Duggars Take Samurai Lessons

Wed, March 20, 2013 1:30am EDT by Sandra Clark 3 Comments
19 Kids & Counting
Courtesy of TLC

The Duggar family gets to fully experience Japanese culture from appearing on a wacky TV show and riding the bullet train, to wearing kimonos and taking Samurai lessons! Read on for the full recap.

Jim Bob Duggar‘s surprise birthday gift to his wife Michelle Duggar — a family vacation to Asia — takes the gang on a fun adventure in Tokyo followed by a trip to Japan’s ancient capital Kyoto. On the second part of the family’s three-part 19 Kids & Counting special on TLC, which aired on March 19, all 25 Duggars dress up in traditional kimonos and visit a capsule hotel.

Rise & Shine in Tokyo

The Duggar’s first adventure takes them to a Japanese TV studio in Tokyo where they appear on a live morning show at 6am. Of course, little Jackson almost misses the segment because he had to go to the bathroom at the last minute! Since language is a major challenge, the kids are asked to hold up signs that represent ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

After their show appearance, the family is taken onto a stylish bus where they are once again filmed–this time for a zany road trip gameshow called  ‘Unbelieveable’ and yes what they see and do is quite unbelievable. Their first stop visiting a giant superhero statue, followed by a trip to the fish market.

The family gets a taste and literally a taste of what fresh, raw tuna looks like. However, Michelle says raw fish belongs in the refrigerator!

Their English speaking tour guide Bobby then takes the Duggars to a carnival where they compete in a goldfish catching game, leaving the little ones in awe.

Bullet Train To Kyoto

The Duggar’s next adventure takes them to the breathtaking ancient capital of Japan– Kyoto and what better way to get their than on a bullet train.

Traveling at the speed of 190 miles per hour, the family arrives safe and sound two and half hours later. Only problem is that when they arrive at the train station, they have no idea how to get to their hotel because no one speaks English!

Finally with a lot of patience and kind strangers, they make it to their destination, with Jim Bob saying ‘gracias’ to some helpful locals.

Samaria Lessons & Kimonos

While the boys take Samaria lessons with their enthusiastic dad, and a famous Japanese instructor, the girls dress up in traditional kimonos and have their hair and make-up done.

Make-up includes having their faces painted all white, something Jinger isn’t crazy about but then finally gives it a try. The girls all look lovely, including Michelle and Jim Bob’s mom Mary, but the little ones are not happy about what they see, especially Josie who was scared and wants her mommy.

After a long day, Jim Bob decides to take the family to a capsule hotel, where guests can nap for nine hours. But try getting little kids to sleep in a capsule when all they want to do is play. Needless to say, no one naps except Jim Bob who sneaks a few winks.

Is Jana Pregnant?

Jana forgot to pack her pregnancy tests, but manages to buy some with a little difficulty. She is eager to find out if she is indeed pregnant, but decides to wait until they are in China where she will celebrate her wedding anniversary. How exciting!

Lets find out what happens next week on the final part of the Duggars special on TLC, when the family visits China, an orphanage and Jana finds if she’s pregnant!

–Sandra Clark

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