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Kendra Wilkinson Says She’s Not A Bad Mom After ‘Wife Swap’

Wed, March 6, 2013 3:07pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 9 Comments
Kendra Wilkinson Wife Swap

After appearing on ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’ alongside mother of eight Kate Gosselin, Kendra wasn’t happy with the critiques she received! She was ‘really hurt’ when viewers and critics called her a bad mom! Read on for more details.

Kendra Wilkinson is no stranger to reality TV, but when she appeared on Celebrity Wife Swap, she wasn’t expecting the critics to fire at her for apparently being a bad mother. Her transition from being the mom to one kid (baby Hank IV, 3) with the help of her hubby Hank Baskett to Kate Gosselin‘s single mother lifestyle with eight children was overwhelming for the former Playmate — as it would be for any mother!

Kendra Wilkinson On ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’

“Ugh! You could call it birth control,” Kendra told OK! magazine about the experience. “But I survived. I don’t need therapy and it was an experience I’ll always carry with me.”

One thing she doesn’t want to carry with her? That would be the fact that Kate basically called her a bad mother. On the premiere, Kate told Kendra that she “doesn’t care” about baby Hank.

“You let everybody else do everything because you don’t care,” Kate said on the episode. “Between [Hank] and Rosa, they do everything, so essentially it enables you to do nothing.”

Kendra was “empowered” by the comments made, she said in the episode. “I need to dedicate more time with little Hank,” she said.

A close friend of Kendra’s also told the mag that something great about the experience is that Hank has adorable manners and even says “excuse me” when leaving the dinner table!

Kendra’s Friends Stick Up For Her

However, a friend close to her now reveals that the attack “really hurt” Kendra, and she was “hugely insulted” by the criticism.

“She loves [her son] with her whole heart and soul,” the friend told OK!. “Kendra knows she is a great mom because she and little Hank have so much fun together.”

That fun that she has in her house, the source said, was non-existent in Kate’s crazy household, and that saddened Kendra. Claiming the kids were “too serious” and “too stressed,” Kendra let the kids have a picnic in front of the TV with tacos, instead of Kate’s instructed dinner at the table.

“The kids loved it,” the source told the mag. “They felt like they were at a party.”

Kendra Wants Hank Baskett Jr. To Enjoy His Childhood

At the end of the day, Kendra is planning to take some lessons from the episode but remember — Hank’s still a kid.

“‘You gotta be a kid, son!'” Kendra told the mag of her message to her little one. “That’s my rule to him. You have one chance to be a kid and run around, be free, do whatever you want.”

So HollyMoms, do you think Kendra is a good mother even though she’s more laid back than Kate? Tell us below!


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— Emily Longeretta

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