New ‘Breaking Dawn’ Clip: Taylor Lautner Throws A Dog Bowl At Nikki Reed

Of all the never-before-seen clips making their way out in celebration of the DVD release of 'Breaking Dawn Part 2,' this has to be the best one! One of the more famous scenes in the 'Twilight' books didn't make it on-screen, but you can see it for the first time now! The headline says it all -- if you're into Taylor Lautner chucking metal dog dishes at beautiful actresses like Nikki Reed, you've come to the right place.

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Breaking Dawn Deleted Scene
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‘Breaking Dawn’ Deleted Scene: Jacob vs. Rosalie

This hilarious deleted scene is straight out of the Breaking Dawn book. Nikki’s character, Rosalie — who isn’t a big fan of the werewolves — brings Jacob a hot dog. Sounds like a nice thing to do right? Oh, did I mention the hot dog was served in a doggie bowl? Yeah, not so nice.

“Enjoy, mongrel,” Rosalie quips, giving Jacob a death stare.

Then comes the best part — after taking a ravenous bite of the hot dog, Jacob winds up and hurls the dog bowl, nailing Rosalie right in the back of the head!

It’s an all around hysterical scene, and we’re so glad we get to see it now that the DVD’s out!

The Cast Of ‘Twilight’ Is Like A Family

Humorous throwaway scenes like this really give insight into how much all of these actors enjoyed working together. It must be a great working environment if you don’t mind getting smacked in the back of the head by a dog dish, right?

“Scenes where we’re all together, it’s just so much fun,” Nikki says. She goes on to say how all of the actors truly became family while filming the Twilight saga — and that really shows.

Do you like this clip as much as we do, HollywoodLifers? Let us know!

WATCH: Rosalie, Jacob And The Dog Bowl in ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1’ of the Extended DVD

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— Andrew Gruttadaro

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