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See Beyonce’s Exotic $5,500 Sneakers That Angered PETA

Wed, February 27, 2013 4:52pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 3 Comments
Beyonce Sneakers PETA
Courtesy of PMK, AP/Invision

Check out Queen Bey’s very extravagant new kicks right here! While they look seriously stylish, they have PETA outraged, and the organization is once again slamming the songstress.

Beyonce isn’t one who blends into a crowd, so it comes as no surprise that one of her fave shoe styles, the Isabel Marant sneaker wedge, has been revamped in exotic skins just for Bey by PMK! The star requested the custom-made style and Perfectly Made Kicks took the shoe style and reassembled it using stingray, ostrich, cald hair, crocodile and anaconda. The gold and white wedges have been appropriately named “The King Bey” — and you can get your first look at the sneakers right here!

You can scoop up your own pair of custom-made wedge sneakers on the Perfectly Made Kicks site right here, however, if you are interested in a pair as exotic as Beyonce’s, they’ll definitely cost you! A rep for the brand tells us, “It will be $5,500 for “King Bey.”

While the sneakers look seriously luxe, PETA surprisingly isn’t a fan. The organization released a statement, saying, “These custom-made kicks come with a high price—and it’s paid by the various animals who were beaten and skinned alive or cruelly farmed and killed. Although most people aren’t as familiar with the types of animals (snakes, stingrays, crocodiles, and ostriches) killed for this single pair of sneakers as they are with the cats and dogs we share our homes with, these animals are highly sensitive living beings who try hard to avoid capture and suffer enormously when trapped, netted, speared, and skinned alive.”

“We hope that Beyoncé will choose to wear more clothes from her own clothing line—which features faux fur—and that one day, she’ll go completely cruelty-free. She can always choose the cruelty-free and “green” fashion favored by compassionate, chic celebrities such as Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway and designers such as award-winning fashion queen Stella McCartney.”

This isn’t the first time the songstress has come under fire from PETA. Just last month, the organization was outraged over the python and iguana costume crafted by designer Rubin Singer that she wore during the Super Bowl halftime show. They never seem to miss a beat when it comes to voicing their concerns.

In response to PETA’s claims, a rep from PMK says, “”No animals were beaten, harmed, or killed in the development and crafting of the “King Bey” sneaker. The exotic skins used to construct the “King Bey” sneaker were at the sole discretion of PMK and are not in association with any decisions, requests, or opinions of Beyonce and her affiliated parties. All leather and exotic skins used by PMK are from a legal supplier in New York.”

What do you think of Bey’s latest kicks? There’s no denying the fact that the custom-made sneakers are totally extravagant — and we wouldn’t expect to see Queen Bey in anything less than over-the-top!

Katrina Mitzeliotis

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