Newborn Baby Boy Found Abandoned In Florida Parking Lot

A helpless newborn baby boy was found abandoned in the dirt at the edge of an empty parking lot in Pompano Beach, Fla. wrapped in a blanket on Feb. 21. The heroic woman who found the baby got the attention of a day care bus driver, and had the driver's supervisor to call 911. A newborn baby was sleeping in the dirt along some hedges near an empty parking lot when a woman noticed something moving, and realized it was a baby. The infant was reportedly warm to the touch, but his mouth was very dry. The shocked woman immediately sought help for the poor baby, and  flagged down a nearby bus driver.

Baby Abandoned Baby Parking Lot
Image Credit: Courtesy of CBS

The baby was then taken to Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale for further examination. The newborn is reportedly one to three days old, and his umbilical cord was still attached, which possibly means he was not delivered in a medical setting.

The passerby who found the baby was a mother on her way to pick up her child from Queen’s Little Angels Child Care Center. After finding the sleeping baby she flagged down driver, Jacqueline Saxton. Saxton called her employer, Nicole Carter who then rushed to the scene as well as first responders.

“He was beautiful,” Nicole told local Miami news station Local 10. “He has no clue what’s going on.”

Jacqueline said the baby appeared to be taken care of. He had on a diaper and a onesie, and was sucking on a pacifier. Jacqueline and Nicole reportedly wondered why the mother left the baby on the ground instead of taking him to a nearby fire station or a place of worship. The parking lot that the baby was in is directly across from one church and less than a block away from another.

According to Florida’s safe haven law, parents can drop off a newborn up to seven days old at a firehouse or hospital without resulting in criminal charges.

The police is now on the search for the newborn’s mother. The Department of Children and Families has taken custody of him.

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