‘The Bachelor’: Sean’s Hometown Date With Desiree May End In A Fight

An extended preview of 'The Bachelor' hometown dates has made its way online, and it looks like we're in for one of the most dramatic moments in 'Bachelor' history. Desiree's ex comes back into the picture and he's ready for fight for his girl! Watch the video. Desiree Hartsock gets a hometown visit from Sean Lowe (hooray!), but her ex comes by uninvited and causes a bit of friction with The Bachelor while they're prepping for dinner with her parents. Let's just say that fists are clenched.

Sean Lowe Desiree Hartsock Ex Fight
Image Credit: Courtesy of ABC

In a new preview clip, provided to People, Sean expresses how excited he is to meet Desiree’s family, but just in the nick of time, her ex knocks on the door and a VERY awkward conversation ensues — one that appears to be scripted, but yet, ends up being very entertaining!

Their altercation goes a bit like this:

Ex: Des, I love you, OK?
Sean: Whoa.
Ex: I’ve been texting, calling, where the hell have you been?
Des: [Gestures toward Sean] I’ve been busy.
Ex: We’re together for two years and all of a sudden, just nothing? I love you more than anything.
Sean: I’m thinking, Maybe I just need to leave.
Ex: You’re going to be with this actor? This isn’t real.
Sean: First of all, I’m standing right here. You want to talk to me, talk to me … [To Des]: Do you want to talk to him? [To Ex]: Then leave please.
Ex: Can you give us a minute?
Sean: Don’t put your hands on me …

Then the camera pans down to Sean’s fist, which looks ready for action.


What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Who will Desiree choose?

— Chris Rogers

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