‘Glee’ Pregnancy Shocker: Who Should Be [Spoiler’s] Baby Daddy

I'm still reeling from the shocking revelation that happened on the Valentine's Day episode of 'Glee.' A major character is pregnant. The more burning question is: Who's the daddy? Find out who I think it should be and why! Will (Matthew Morrison) and Emma (Jayma Mays) did not get married on the Feb. 14 episode of Glee, but someone certainly got knocked up! And she'll have a hard time revealing to one man that she got knocked up by another! WARNING: Major spoilers ahead!

Glee Baby Daddy
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The episode ended with Rachel (Lea Michele) taking a pregnancy test, and it appears as though it’s positive! While it’s still taking a while to process this revelation, it’s time to decide who the baby daddy should be.

Rachel hooked up with Finn (Cory Monteith) after the wedding, but she’s obviously been sleeping with Brody (Dean Geyer) on the regular. As many fans noted in the comments section of my recap, Rachel took the pregnancy test in March, weeks after the wedding, which means the identity of the baby daddy is fair game — it could easily be Finn or Brody. But I think it should totally be Brody.

Let’s face it, Glee is so close to jumping the shark that it needs an amazing storyline to revitalize the aging series. If the baby were Finn’s, there would no longer be any conflict between the former lovers. Their “endgame,” as Finn noted in the episode, would already be here. If Finchel were to have a baby together, there’d be no reason for them to be apart. (I know, Finchel fans would LOVE that.)

However, if Brody were the father, it would cause so much conflict for the series, my mind would literally explode. Believe it or not, that’ what I want.

After watching any and every couple hop into bed together on “I Do,” I’m convinced that the show needs a storyline to save it.

Not only is Brody the better choice, but he’s also super hot and has a cute accent. They’d make pretty babies together. And if Brody were the father, it would certainly explain why Rachel is seen crying in the next episode, airing March 7.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Who should be the daddy? Here’s who I think it should be! 

— Chris Rogers

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