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Angela Kinsey & Clorox Bleach Away Messy Moments On The Vegas Strip

Wed, February 13, 2013 1:14am EDT by Russ Weakland 1 Comment
Angela Kinsey

From Bachelor parties to late night buffets, Las Vegas brings on some messy moments, so Clorox partnered with the Office’s Queen of Clean, Angela Kinsey, to find The Strip’s stickiest situations!

Last year Clorox launched the Bleach It Away community, providing a platform for people to share OMG EWW moments, commiserate with others in sticky situations and enter for the chance to win prizes. This year, Clorox took it a step further by offering the chance at fifteen minutes of fame just for sharing a mess.

Mom and comedian, Angela Kinsey, scoured the Vegas Strip in search of real-life messy moments, and encourage those in and out of Vegas to submit their own moment to to have it displayed on digital billboards over the Strip. Kinsey showed participants how to bleach away those notorious (but often hilarious) Vegas messes and will reward one lucky winner with $15,000 and bragging rights.

There are inevitable messy moments in life when the “yuck” is so over the top all you can do is reach for the bleach, Clorox® calls these “bleachable moments,” and there isn’t a better place to find these than in the mecca of all messy moments – Las Vegas. That’s why in its second year The Clorox® Company is taking its Bleach It Away program to the Strip.

“We know life gets messy and sometimes all one can do is laugh. In Vegas there is a whole different level of ick, and I’m excited to be joining Clorox® to hear people’s messy moments firsthand,” said Kinsey. “As a mom, I’ve seen my fair share of messes and it’s nice to know someone else understands what I’m going through and can share in the fun of a little comic relief.”

Besides patrolling in search of messy moments, Clorox® took over two interactive digital billboards. And now through February 24, visitors can visit to fill in the blanks of a messy Vegas moment for the chance to have it featured in bright lights over the Vegas Strip on the Fashion Show Mall and Miracle Mile billboards.

Big Rewards for Spilled Secrets

When Clorox® is involved, messy moments can lead to rewards. Now through March 4 anyone, anywhere can share a messy moment at and be entered for the chance to win a grand prize of $15,000*.

In addition, each day a featured moment will be given the spotlight on the site and be awarded a $50 gift card.

Everyone who submits their moment will instantly receive a coupon for $.50 off any bottle of Clorox® Regular-Bleach via email for the first moment they submit.

Fans can also submit their messy moments on Twitter using the hashtag #bleachitaway to be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card in a weekly Twitter sweepstakes.

“We should all be rewarded for surviving life’s bleachable moments,” said Mara McCune, Marketing Manager, The Clorox® Company. “The ultimate goal of our Bleach It Away campaign is all about looking back and laughing at those messes that may not have been funny at the time, but are the stories you’ll remember and retell for years to come.”

Along with sharing bleachable moments for the chance to win, visitors will be able to laugh with others and receive valuable cleaning tips and tricks. With advice from Clorox’s panel of experts, including Dr. Laundry, and access to myStain™ – Clorox’s free mobile app for on-the-go stain removal advice.

There’s a Card for That

To keep even more laughs coming, this year Clorox® also partnered with Someecards, a digital-greeting-card company specializing in creating humorous content based on current events and holidays – and now bleachable moments! Clorox® and Someecards worked together to create a series of special-edition cards highlighting those all too familiar eww-filled moments that make us smile (and sometime cringe). Now with a simple post, pin, like or tweet the humor within the messy moment misery can be shared with this Someecards series on

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Russ Weakland