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‘Teen Mom 2’: Leah Says Ex-Husband Corey Comes Before Fiance Jeremy

Tue, February 12, 2013 1:00am EDT by 42 Comments
Teen Mom 2 Reunion
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In the explosive ‘Teen Mom 2’ reunion with Dr. Drew, Leah reveals she’s still in love with Corey — and if he wanted her back, she would leave fiance Jeremy to make her family with Corey work! Plus, Chelsea’s dad Randy calls out Adam for being a deadbeat dad, Kailyn dishes the dirt on Jo’s girlfriend Vee and Jenelle gushes about her new boo Gary.

Leah Messer and her ex-husband Corey Simms had been flirtatious all during season three of Teen Mom 2, but Leah’s love triangle between her baby daddy and current fiance Jeremy Calvert came to a head on the reunion show with Dr. Drew Pinksy on Feb. 11 when Leah admitted once and for all her true feelings for Corey.

Leah Messer Admits Divorcing Corey Simms Was A Mistake

When Leah sits down with Dr. Drew, she explains how she suffered a miscarriage when she was eight weeks along with Jeremy’s baby — the baby she was carrying after the positive pregnancy test during the season finale.

But Dr. Drew insists that having more kids right away was probably not the best idea — especially with twins already, an ex-husband and a daughter with developmental challenges. But Leah doesn’t feel that way — in fact, she flat-out admits that she wanted to have a baby with Jeremy to “have that family feeling with him” like she had with Corey.

Even though Dr. Drew insits she is still living in a fantasy of having a happy ever after in a new family with Jeremy, Leah drops a bombshell when she reveals the only reason she and Corey aren’t together is because he couldn’t make up his mind, and the exes still talk and flirt every day like they are best friends.

“I know we would still be a family if Corey said he wanted to go to counseling,” Leah reveals. “I know we could have made this work, and you do too,” she says to Corey.

He seems to agree, but also isn’t 100 percent sold on the fact that their relationship would have survived again. But Leah says if Corey said the word, she would leave Jeremy and get back together with Corey — her relationship with him and their girls comes before anything else, including Jeremy.

So what does that mean for Jeremy?

The poor guy caught in the middle joined his fiance and her ex, and even admitted that he would be hurt if Leah called their relationship off, but understands there is a bigger picture at stake — a healthy future for Leah’s daughters is the most important.

They all kind of leave on a sour foot, but we know how that turns out — Leah and Jeremy end up getting married and having another baby!

Chelsea Houska Reveals Adam Lind Guilt Tripped Her To Stay In Their Relationship

Chelsea Houska‘s dad Randy Houska has never been a fan of her baby daddy Adam Lind — and hasn’t been shy expressing his feelings for him. But tensions grew explosive Randy revealed that Adam guilted Chelsea to stay with her in their relationship, and would tell Chelsea he would leave her if she didn’t give him money.

To make matters worse, he had a job and lived with his parents, so Randy claimed the money was going towards his four-wheelers and car, and not necessarily to child support.

Adam of course denies the whole bribing scenario, but he does say that his relationship with Chelsea is better than it has been. They are friends and can co-parent, and Adam says he just wants to put all of the drama behind them. He’s even paying child support! And is spending more time with Aubree.

Jenelle & Barbara Evans Gush About Gary Head

Jenelle Evans says that once and for all her life is back on track. Even though it was hard squitting smoking weed — it’s a lot more addictive than people think, she says! — she has been sober for months and is on the right path.

She admits that her infamous choice in which she picked going to a Ke$ha concert over going to jail was incredibly stupid, and since the show wrapped filming, she has totally changed her life for the better! She moved out, she goes to school and it making positive moves. Jenelle’s mom Barbara Evans even agrees that Jenelle is doing amazingly, and says her probation officer saved her life — especially since Jenelle is now taking her medication and going to therapy.

But when Jenelle talks about her “new boyfriend” — Gary Head, who Jenelle was dating when the reunion was filmed last spring — Barbara says she LOVES him! He’s respectful, has manners, comes from a nice family and even wants to take Jenelle to church!

Even though we know the couple gets engaged, but ends up splitting soon after, it looks like they are back together after her split from Courtland Rogers. Could round two be the charm for Jenelle and Gary?

Kailyn Lowry Knocks Jo Rivera’s Girlfriend Vee Torres

Kailyn Lowry tells Dr. Drew that even though her relationship with Jordan Wenner didn’t work out, she is now dating a new man Javi Marroquin, who has goals and is going to school. But she can’t seem to get over Jo Rivera, and Dr. Drew even calls her out for still living in a fantasy of her and Jo getting back together for their family and baby Isaac.

To make matters more complicated, Kailyn admits why she doesn’t like Jo’s girlfriend Vee Torres. She says she saw several photos of Vee drinking at Jo’s house while Isaac was there, and that wasn’t cool with her as a mom — nor did the pics of Vee smoking marijuana. Kailyn also admits that Vee had asked Jo on social media to send a pic of his penis — and he did!

Jo even says he thinks he and Kailyn “test” each other from time to time to see if there is still a spark in their relationship, but he says things are good right now as they are. They are friends and can co-parent and both love their son very much. Plus, since the reunion aired, Kailyn and Javi got married! Looks like both parties are moving on nicely.

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