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‘Revenge’ Recap: A Shocking Death Rocks Jack & Amanda’s Wedding

Sun, February 10, 2013 11:05pm EDT by Add first Comment
Revenge Victoria Kills Helen
Courtesy of ABC

While Jack & Amanda looked forward to their new life together, someone else lost their life!

Victoria’s (Madeleine Stowe) got a gun! The Feb. 10 episode of Revenge began with a flashback to the past of what was meant to be: Jack (Nick Wechsler) and real Amanda (Emily VanCamp) as kids — planning a wedding! But we all know how that worked out. Thanks, Faux-manda. Thanks a lot.

Speaking of Faux-manda, she went to the Graysons’ for help with Stowaway problems and, of course, Emily had to bail her out again with a check containing way too many zeroes.

Despite all the problems in the Hamptons surrounding the Porter family, there was a wedding to be had — and Jack finally shaved! My heart shattered as tears fell down Emily’s face at Jamanda’s wedding, and I almost cried when Emily gave Amanda a memento of her and Jack’s wedding as children. But when all was said and done, Faux-manda dug her own grave by blackmailing Conrad (Henry Czerny) with video files she stole from Emily’s stash of revenge evidence.

Victoria tried to prove to Daniel (Joshua Bowman) that The Initiative was setting him up, and even had a bitch-on-bitch showdown with Helen Crowley, the head of The Initiative. Helen threatened to take Daniel away from Victoria if she didn’t hand over the evidence from flight 197, so Victoria… well, she shot her in cold blood!

In other sad news, Nolan (Gabriel Mann) discovered Aiden’s sister actually died 6 years ago, and there was even autopsy confirmation of her death! Aiden is now more capable than ever of revenge against The Initiative, and he was pushing away the one person who knows more about vengeance than he ever will!

To put the icing on Emily’s heartbroken cake, Daniel broke things off with her, claiming it wasn’t the best time to rekindle their relationship. In the end, Aiden came to his senses and apologized, and they cuddled by a fire. Personally, I think it’s best to have a sweet, endearing moment right before The Amanda explodes on next week’s episode!

— Jaymie Bailey