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Zayn Malik: Quitting One Direction Would Be A Huge Mistake

Thu, February 7, 2013 6:30pm EDT by 50 Comments
Zayn Malik Quitting One Direction
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Zayn Malik — no matter how upset you are about your involvement in a cheating scandal, you can’t walk away from One Direction and ruin your career!

 Zayn Malik don’t do it — don’t quit One Direction!

Zayn Malik’s Disillusionment

Zayn — it’s understandable that you would feel frustrated and depressed after reports emerged that you had cheated on your steady girlfriend, Perrie Edwards, 19.

Dealing with the intense media spotlight on both your personal and professional lives has to be tough.

You are only 20 years old. That’s so young. And you’ve been living under the glare of media scrutiny for more than two years now, ever since you were united with Harry StylesNiall HoranLiam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson and became an immediate hit as One Direction in 2010.

Since then, as part of One Direction, you’ve toured relentlessly, produced two platinum albums, and earned the love and regard of hundreds of millions of fans.

Now, you are reportedly so dispirited by allegations that you cheated on Little Mix band member, Perrie Edwards with an Australian waitress/stripper named Courtney Webb, that you are considering leaving One Direction.

Zayn — Don’t Throw Away Your Career

Zayn, that would be a terrible mistake. First of all, you shouldn’t make any decision, let alone a MAJOR, MAJOR career decision when you are upset about press coverage invading your private life.

Your career is too important to be the subject of any quick and not carefully thought-out decision.

Remember that you ARE just around 20 and just really at the beginning of your career. As big as your success has been with One Direction so far, it has only just been a couple of short years. You have a long life ahead.

You don’t want to walk away from One Direction’s magic success just when it is still growing.

It may feel like One Direction’s success is something that could be recreated again in your life, but I have to caution you against that.

Creating a hugely popular band is almost a one-in-a-million experience. The way that you mesh musically with your bandmates is unique. Plus, the fact that you all like each other and get along famously is rare.

Then consider that, if you dropped out of One Direction, you’d be fighting to build up an individual career — something that is EVEN harder to do.

Very few individual members of “boy bands” have gone on to have huge breakout careers. There are very few Justin Timberlakes.

That’s why you mustn’t let your distress over cheating reports and your disillusionment with fame lead you to drop out of One Direction, which could have years of success ahead.

Zayn & Perrie Edwards: Sticking It Out?

Zayn, you have made it very clear that you love your girlfriend Perrie Edwards since news of the cheating scandal leaked out.

You went out in public on Feb. 2 with the rest of the band wearing a t-shirt with a big letter P on it, marked by a kiss beneath it. You couldn’t have made a more public statement about your deep feelings for Perrie.

She, in turn, has stuck with you. Whatever problems you and she may or may not have had appear to be worked out.

Your relationship, as a result, is not in danger.

Zayn Malik Needs To ‘Think’ Before Quitting

Now you need to take a deep breath, or two or three, and think hard about all the huge positives that have been a part of your life since you became a member of One Direction.

Think about how you have been able to express yourself as an artist. Think about all the wonderful people you’ve met. Think about how you have seen the world. Think about the positive influence you have been able to have on young people around the world.

Think about the happiness and encouragement you’ve been able to give to others who admire you.

Think about how you will be able to continue to express yourself musically as part of One Direction. Think of how proud your family and Perrie are of you.

If you need some time off to de-stress and spend time with Perrie, I’m sure that can be arranged.

But don’t walk away from success. You’re young, so you may not realize that these special, often once-in-a-lifetime moments can’t ever be recreated.

Yes, there are stresses in your life, and many are unique to fame, but every path and career in life has stresses — they’re just different stresses.

If you talk to friends and family and reach out for the support you need to get you through this tough time, I think you’ll be so glad in a very short time that you stuck with One Direction.

Don’t you agree, HollywoodLifers? Should Zayn stay in One Direction or walk away? Let me know!

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— Bonnie Fuller

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